Why is a specialized HR tool better for your company?

When it comes to the time organization needs to manage HR processes, you should answer the question: a large comprehensive tool for everything, or a specialized tool that will answer the company's problems? Check why a small tool will work better than a big all-in-one HR solution.

Choosing the right software can significantly impact the organization's future functioning and the development of its technological base. Therefore, you should approach the choice very seriously and consider all the advantages and possibilities of the available solutions.

In this text, you will learn why a specialized HR tool for managing working time, absences and employee documents is preferable to an all-in-one tool that allows you to manage all HR processes.

What is the difference between a modular HR management tool and an all-in-one solution?

A modular tool such as Calamari is characterized by the fact that it consists of different parts, each of which deals with a different branch of HR. If you want to subscribe to the software, you can choose as many modules as you want and pay only for using them.

In addition, Calamari is a tool specialized in recording working time and absence, thanks to which it offers a perfectly refined product adapted to holiday policies worldwide. Currently, Calamari consists of:

One comprehensive solution works best for large organizations that want to manage all HR matters from one place. However, such solutions are less specialized in specific functionalities and have less advanced capabilities.

For the same reason, they are also more unreliable, and the waiting time for a bug fix or help from the customer service department is significantly longer, while in tools such as Calamari, the time to solve a customer problem is sometimes only an hour from the moment the issue is reported to Customer Success.

What are the characteristics of comprehensive HR tools:

  • multitasking – cover all or most of the needs of the HR department;
  • they are expensive – and at the same time, the customer often pays for the entire solution and not only for the capabilities of the tool that he uses;
  • they are less specialized – they do a little bit of everything;
  • difficult to implement – they have a lot of tabs and settings that you need to know;
  • it is unintuitive for employees – they have to undergo additional training to know how to use it;
  • long waiting time for Customer Service help.

Why a small, specialized HR tool is better than all-in-one solution

Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. Check why a small HR solution specialized in specific branches of human resources management will work better in your organization than one big software for everything.


Calamari deals with several specific functionalities for managing working time, attendance, and employee information, which allows developers to focus on refining all the details of the tool and introducing features that will make its use simple and efficient.

Thanks to such specialization, product teams can better test the solution, maintain order in the libraries, and constantly develop new functionalities with a complete understanding of the system, which translates into its reliability and the rarity of problems.

At the same time, the Calamari team knows the product they create and its realities in the working life of organizations worldwide, thanks to which it is possible to develop software that will meet the needs of everyone.

Taking care of visuals and UX/UX

When creating a specific solution, the product and design teams constantly work together and are familiar with the technologies used and the graphic design. Thanks to this, the whole tool can be created in such a way that the use of individual elements of the application is intuitive, and all options are clearly visible and functional.

Unifying the interface is a great help both for administrators managing HR processes inside the tool as well as for employees who register working time or report absences via the tool daily.

Decent price

We used to believe that you have to pay more for a complex product. Thanks to specialization, the development and maintenance costs of the tool are lower, which directly translates into the price of the product that the customer has to pay.

At the same time, Calamari's modularity allows you to pay only for those functionalities that the client uses, which in the case of large solutions, is often the reason for burning the budget and generating unnecessary costs.

Simple implementation and onboarding

Compared to a comprehensive solution, the work time management tool is simple and quick to implement. Fewer options, views and capabilities from different branches of HR management mean that administrators and employees learn how to use the tool much faster.

In addition, implementing a smaller tool also means less time needed for its proper setting, transfer of information and adaptation to the organization's needs.

Growth and scaling

Tools like Calamari grow with your business. Thanks to this, you impact the direction the software develops and what new functionalities will appear in it. With the development of modules, the tool offers more and more possibilities that respond to new needs that arise during business development and scaling.

Compliance with most countries' vacation policies

As a global product specializing in working time management, Calamari complies with the leave policies of most countries worldwide. In this way, it supports international organizations and remote and hybrid teams.

Thanks to specialization, we made every effort to ensure that, regardless of the country the employee comes from, it is possible to add them to the system and manage their absences in an automated manner, just like in the case of others in the team. It is possible thanks to the functionality of creating any number of leave policies and attaching them to specific employees or their groups.


Calamari's modular solution also means flexibility. You can add new modules, reduce and increase the number of employees, and reduce the number of modules. You can do all this yourself in the admin panel without consulting customer service.

So you have complete control over what you pay for, when you pay and in what form you want to settle, thanks to which everything is in your hands.

Simplicity of use

Thanks to intuitive views and a well-thought-out layout of functionalities, using Calamari is fast, convenient and extremely simple. Thanks to this, it enables HR management in small and medium-sized companies without the need to employ an HR department. The tool makes it possible for one person to control the processes related to working time management. This is an additional saving of money and an opportunity to develop the organization at your own pace.

Integrations with external tools and APIs

At Calamari, we know how much the right tech stack has a significant impact on productivity, which is why our tool for managing absences and working time allows integration with such popular tools as:

  • Slask,
  • Jira,
  • Asana,
  • MS Teams,
  • Microsoft 265,
  • Basecamp.

We also enable integration via open API, thanks to which it is possible to create your ways of recording working time, e.g. in the form of a card reader.

Customer Success support and fast response time

A specialized tool such as Calamari allows employees to perfectly understand the principles of its operation, thanks to which the entire Customer Service department has the appropriate knowledge to help the customer. The client is not redirected from department to department, wasting time on getting help, but gets it from the consultant with whom he has contacted.

Depending on the complexity of the customer's problem, the waiting time may vary, but at Calamari, we enjoy a very fast response time and excellent opinions and a customer support team that gives its best every day and watches to support customers at every stage of using the tool.


A small tool with a specialized profile allows you to manage HR processes efficiently and save money, which is extremely important in the case of growing and scaling companies. Thanks to integrations, you can combine tools with each other so that at the stage of organization development, you do not immediately need a large comprehensive solution that will consume a lot of time and money.

See that Calamari is the perfect solution for your organization and try it today for 14 days for free.

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