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Leave management

  • per employee
  • per month
  • when billed annually
  • ( /mo minimum )
  • absence calendar
  • leave entitlement and accrual rules
  • notifications
  • approval flow
  • integrations
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Clock in / Clock out

  • per employee
  • per month
  • when billed annually
  • ( /mo minimum )
  • tracking worktime and breaks
  • timesheet
  • tracking projects
  • several methods to clock in
  • integrations
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Pricing - frequently asked questions

  • Do we have to sign a long-term contract?

    Absolutely not, contract depends on the subscription period. You can simply pay on a monthly or yearly basis. You can cancel your account and take your data with you at any time without penalty. If you cancel in the middle of the subscription period, then the access to your account will be automatically disabled on the last day of paid license but we do not provide any chargeback or refund.

  • What payment options do you accept?

    Calamari provides two payment methods: Credit/Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro) and bank wire transfer (available with the annual payment and with additional transaction fee). You can pay in EUR, USD. Additionally, we offer the automatic renewal. If you select this option your credit card will be automatically charged for the next payment period.

  • Is the support included in my free trial?

    Yes. We not only help in the configuration and initial setup according to your absence policy but also import the data of your users. Additionally, our customer success team will answer all your questions during the shared screen demo. In case of larger teams, we additionally charge for the initial setup and import employees' data.

  • Do I need to additionally pay for admin?

    The pricing depends on the number of all active users. Admin and Manager is also counted as an active users. After adding users to Calamari, you can assign them to different roles and permissions depending on your needs. You can archive a user so they no longer be an active user, but you can still access their data. We don’t charge for archived employees, only those currently in your employment.

  • How the free trial works?

    During the trial period you have free access to all Calamari features and modules. No credit card required and you won’t be charged at the end of trial. All the data you add to the system will remain after turning on the paid subscription. You can cancel the trial at any time.

  • Is it possible to change the number of users after starting the subscription?

    You can upgrade or downgrade the subscription at any time. In case of upgrading the subscription you will be charged only for users added in current billing period. In case of downgrading remember that the minimum number of users is 10

  • Do you have an on-premise version of Calamari?

    No. We offer cloud (SaaS) application, we do not offer Calamari "on-premise". Our team is fully specialized in maintenance of Calamari service with the highest performance and security level.

  • Does the pricing include VAT?

    Prices on Calamari website are provided without VAT. You need to pay the VAT in your country. In case of Polish companies, we will add VAT on the invoice.

  • Do I need subscribe to both modules?

    You can choose only what you need. Calamari clock in / clock out, or Calamari Leave, or both.

  • Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

    Yes, feel free to ask your Calamari guide.

  • What is included in the minimal fee?

    The minimum fee contains the costs of work necessary to prepare, maintain and secure the company's account on Calamari servers. Additionally, our clients can use the help of the Customer Success team in configuring the software and resolving problems connected to using it.

Our clients

Clients best choice - Calamara Leave and attendance management HR system

Anna Grzywińska, HR Specialist

It took me time to find tracking management system that would be the best solution for our company. With great and flexible costumer service we managed to implement 2 different policies for our 2 offices - US and Spanish. Very open to changes and flexible. I would definitely recommend Calamari.

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