Leave and Attendance Tracking for Slack

Calamari is a modern leave management and attendance tracking system for Slack fully approved by users. Combined with Slack it makes your time-off planning and attendance tracking simple and pleasant.

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Benefits of HR tracker in Slack

Time-off and absence management directly from Slack

Time-off requests

All information about employees’ planned time-offs and vacation days is always at hand. Thanks to this integration, the most important HR information is accessible directly from your Slack vacation tracker.

Easy time recording with breaks and private leave in Slack

Clock in/out and breaks

Time recording has never been so easy. With Slack, you can manage your working time and status quickly and conveniently using various devices. You can mark lunch break and private leave with simple commands or via the Calamari application in Slack.

Modern HR management from Slack

Manage HR from Slack

Now you do not even need to open the Calamari HR system and fill any forms to approve time-off requests of all leave types. After getting the notification, click "Approve" directly from Slack. Manage employee’s absences with ease.

Attendance list and work plan inside your Slack

Employees’ presence and work plan

Our leave management system allows displaying the list of attendance in Slack globally or for each team. It helps in planning your work time more efficiently during the day. Thanks to this functionality, you will improve the smoothness of remote work and absence communication in the organization.

Birthday reminders in Slack to help integrate your team

Slack birthdays reminder

Receive birthday notifications in Slack. Calamari keeps your team informed about upcoming birthdays and helps to integrate your employees. Moreover, it gives you the possibility to celebrate these special days together!

Tracking time against projects directly from Slack

Track time against projects from Slack

Control the number of hours spent by your team members on selected projects straight from Slack to manage your team even better. You do not have to switch between tools to mark the start of work on projects - you can do it quickly and conveniently through Slack.

Easy sing in with your Slack account

Sign in with Slack

You can sign in to Calamari with your Slack account and import your employee profiles to speed up your work. You do not need to remember an additional password to other systems. It is convenient and secure.

Holidays and remote work synchronization

Turn on your Slack's status synchronization to let your coworkers know when you're unavailable. Thanks to Calamari-Slack synchronization of leave and remote work your status will change automatically on the day when you're working from home or have a day off.

More features for Managers

Convinient notification in Slack and recurring reminders


Receive Slack notifications instead of e-mails. They include information about pending leave requests to approve and confirmations that your requests have been approved. Also, you can set up daily and weekly reminders about upcoming holidays and absences.

Simple Slack commands to help you manage your HR matters

Slack commands

Type "/calamari" or "/calamari help" in Slack to see the list of all available commands. By using them, you can request leave, check employees’ attendance plans, approve requests, etc. This is a great help for developers who like and use the text interface and shortcuts on a daily basis.

Geet reminders in Slack about start and finish of your work

Start and finish work reminders

Calamari will send you a notification through Slack about the planned start and end of a workday, from which you can start or end your shift.

Abuse notifications in Slack about time-off request and time tracking

Abuse notifications

Never miss an abuse. Thanks to Calamari you will receive notifications of all kinds of timesheet abnormalities regarding vacation applications, starting and ending a workday.

Improve work-life balance from Slack

Farewells at the end of the workday

Smile, raise your team morale and take care of your the work-life balance of your employees! Calamari will say “goodbye” after a fruitful day at work and wish you a nice day.

Absences and remining days off always on hand inside Slack

Check day off availability

Always know how many days off you have. Calamari will allow you to check in Slack how many days of the selected type of absence you have left in a given year to make your vacation planning even more convenient.

Convinient way to check past and future absences right inside Slack

Check past and future absences

You can see archival attendance from a selected period and check for upcoming absences. You can collect a list of attendance right from your Slack.

Real-time notifications for managers in Slack

Real-time notifications for managers on Slack channel

You can manage your teams and always be up to date about who started or ended their workday thanks to notifications on the Slack channel. You can also see which employees started the break to better distribute tasks in teams.

New features on Slack

Coming soon

See what new HR features will appear on Slack soon:

  • Hamburger icon - When reporting a break, Calamari will automatically change your Slack presence status by adding a hamburger icon indicating the break

How to turn it on?

  • 1

    If you don't have a Calamari account please sign-up for a free trial.

  • 2

    First, you need to “Log-in” to Calamari as an admin. Then “Log-in” to Slack team’s dashboard

  • 3

    In configuration panel, on the integration list choose Slack. Then, to connect Slack and Calamari together, click “Turn on integration”

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