Calamari integration with Slack

Calamari Leave Management system and clock in/out system are fully approved by users. Combined with Slack it makes your time-off planning and attendance tracking simple and agreeable.
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Main benefits

  • You can sign-in to Calamari through your Slack account
  • You can now receive Slack’s notifications instead of an e-mails
  • You can get information regarding presence and absences of employee straight from Slack
  • You can type Slack commands I order to request leave, clock in, clock-out, check attendance, plan time-off, etc

Calamari is leave management and attendance tracking system integrated with Slack. It make your HR work easier.

Integration setup

  1. You have to “Log-in” to Calamari as an admin. Then “Log-in” to Slack team’s dashboard
  2. Choose Slack in the integration list on "Configuration". Then to connect Slack and Calamari together, click “Turn on integration”
  3. Authorize Calamari to access your Slack team’s account

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