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The security of HR data is a critical point.

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What our care includes


Secure data transfer

All connections between our web/mobile application and backend services are secured by HTTPS/SSL certificates. We are using SSL 256-bit, one of the strongest encryption algorithms. This security standard is used by online banks to protect your data.



We monitor the availability of our services 24/7 to offer 99.9% uptime. Our team constantly improves the infrastructure and software to make it always available at the time needed and make your experience enjoyable and safe.


Reliable data centre

Calamari apps are hosted in the most secure commercial data centres - Amazon Web Services. Our hosting provider is certified with ISO 27001, SOC 2, SOC 3, and more. The AWS Data Centre operations and safety capabilities provide Calamari with the most efficient and functional security system. Those performance and availability parameters are a fully managed 24/7 service.



Your Calamari databases are backed up every day (RPO=24h) and stored and encrypted in different locations to increase your safety. We test and verify our backup procedures regurarly in order to guarantee 100% performance of the service. We guarantee 12h time during which we can restore you data from backup (RTO=12h).

GDPR compliant

Calamari fully complies with EU-wide privacy and data protection law



We are not allowed to know your credit card data when you subscribe to our services. Your payment is processed by an external and secure PCI DSS compliant service, by widely used payment providers such as: PayPal and PayLane. It means that your payment is 100% safe and your data is kept confidential.


Security by design

Calamari is designed to control and restrict access to HR. Data is visible only to allowed personnel. It is possible by role-based authorization. The system is protected against hacker attacks such as SQL injections, and designed according to the "best practices of SaaS security".


Disaster recovery

We have designed backup and disaster recovery procedures after unexpected incidents. They are regularly reviewed and tested.


Encrypted data

Data in Calamari's databases and storages is stored encrypted at rest.

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