Calamari with MS TeamsCalamari with MS Teams

Time-off and attendance tracking with MS Teams

Integration with Microsoft Teams makes time-off planning and attendance tracking simple and pleasant. Calamari streamlines and automates leave management and time tracking within MS Teams.

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In the 2+ years our company has used Calamari, we have heard nothing but positive feedback from employees and managers.
Parker R
Parker R VP, People, Mission & Culture at Brightspot

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Get rid of paperwork. Manage time off directly from MS Teams

There is no need to leave MS Teams to request time off, sick leave or any other absence. The full process can be done directly from the MS Teams Bot app, to keep your team focused on their work. 

With Calamari integration, employees are just a few clicks away from sending requests and managers can approve and reject those requests quickly. You can check upcoming time off, work from home, and check planned vacations inside your MS Teams.

Track time and clock in/out from MS Teams

Clock in and out directly from MS Teams. Employees get notifications at the beginning of their workday, as well as a reminder about the time to end a day to keep a work-life balance. They can clock in/out from the MS Teams dashboard.

You can easily track time spent on different projects and breaks or log time against daily activities with no need to switch between different tools.

Calamarai Bot features for Microsoft Teams

Requesting time off

Keep your employees focused on their work. They can request time off directly from MS Teams – no need to visit our web or mobile app!

Time-off notifications

Get the notifications about employees’ vacation calendar in your MS Teams. Calamari allows you to set up the recurring notifications about upcoming time-offs, sick requests, planned time off and remote work. Calamari posts notifications on Microsoft Teams channels.

Employees’ presence and work plan

Display the list of attendance in MS Teams globally or for each team. It helps with planning your work time more efficiently, and improves smoothness of remote work.

Work from home planning

Check which of your employees are working remotely to better manage your team both on a daily basis and during the covid pandemic. Set up periodic notifications and always be up to date. Use Microsoft Teams calendar integration for creating your team’s work schedule.

Managing requests

Approve or reject time off requests directly from MS Teams. Easily manage requests or add comment from dedicated MS Teams channel.

See your team’s time off

Plan your work accordingly to your team’s presence in upcoming week, thanks to the easy preview of all planned and accepted absences.

Quick clock in/out

Employees can log their work time directly from Microsoft Teams, and won’t forget about it thanks to notifications.

Leave balances

Everyone can check their part time off limits in MS Teams integration, with a quick glance on all types of time off, with it’s remaining balance.


Calamari keeps your team informed about upcoming birthdays – it gives you the possibility to celebrate these special days together!

Get ready for efficiency

Use MS Teams to manage absences and track time.
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  • Easy & quick setup
  • No tech skills needed
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  • Easy & quick setup
  • No tech skills needed
  • Support from day one

Easy setup

  1. Sign up for a free trial or sign in to Calamari as an admin
  2. Log in to Calamari dashboard
  3. Go to the configuration panel, and scroll to the integration list and find Microsoft Teams. Then, to connect Teams and Calamari together, click “Turn on integration”
  4. Turn on integration from MS Teams side – watch step by step tutorial on the right.

Keep employee record synchronized

Calamari integrates with apps you use every day, allowing you to sync your hr data in the backgroud.

Calamari integrates with apps you use every day, allowing you to sync your hr data in the backgroud.

  • Single sign-in
  • Instant notifications
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Quick employee account onboarding
  • Manage through your apps