Time-off and attendance tracking with Microsoft Teams

Integration with Microsoft Teams makes time-off planning and attendance tracking simple and pleasant. Calamari streamlines and automates leave management and time tracking within MS Teams.

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Benefits from Microsoft Teams integration

Time-off notofications

Get the notifications about employees' vacation calendar in your MS Teams. Calamari allows you to set up the recurring notifications about upcoming time-offs, sick requests, planned time off and remote work. Calamari posts notifications on Microsoft Teams channels.

MS Teams birthday reminders

With MS Teams app Calamari will send you a notification about upcoming employees' birthday. It is a great opportunity for celebrating together and integrate with your team.

Public holidays

Using Microsoft Teams integrations with Calamari you can plan your vacation much more optimally. Thanks to this solution, you will not forget about any public holiday ever again. Calamari app will send information about a day off and you will get the Microsoft Teams notification about it on the selected channel.

Remote work

Check which of your employees are working remotely to better manage your team both on a daily basis and during the coronavirus pandemic. Set up periodic notifications and always be up to date. Use Calamari and Microsoft Teams calendar integration for creating your team's work schedule.

Coming soon

See what new HR features will appear on Microsoft Teams online soon:

  • Break icon – when reporting a break, Calamari will automatically send the information to your MR Teams channel to let your coworkers know that you are having a break
  • Time-off calendar – All information about the planned time-off of your employees is always on hand. Thanks to Calamari and Microsoft Teams integration you have access to the vacation calendar right from the MS Teams app. Calamari allows you to set up the recurring notifications about upcoming absences, remote work, birthday, and employee time tracking and view them on Microsoft Teams channels.

Clock In/out notification

Thanks to the integration with Calamari, Microsoft Teams app allows you to see the data about the beginning (clock-in) and the end of the workday (clock-out) of the given employee. Calamari sends real-time notifications to MS Teams channel with information about coworkers clock-in/out or break start/end event. So that you can always know when they are taking care of their responsibilities

How to turn it on?

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    If you don't have a Calamari account sign-up for a free trial.

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    You have to “Log-in” to Calamari as an admin.

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    Turn on the Microsoft Teams integration following step by step video tutorial

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