Calamari integration with Asana

Calamari is a Leave management system and clock in/out system. It helps you to automate HR management. Integration with Asana makes time-off planning and attendance tracking simple and pleasant.
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Integration benefits

Single sign-on

You can sign in to Calamari through your Asana account. You do not need to remember another password to another system. Convenient and secure.


Track employees absences and planned time-off in Outlook calendar. You do not have to waste your time for manual data transfer. Available soon.

Need more?

Let us know if you have an idea for the integration point with Asana. We are opened to your ideas, we are here to make your work easier.

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How to turn it on?

  1. If you don't have a Calamari account please sign-up for free trial.
  2. You have to “Log-in” to Calamari as an admin.
  3. Open "Configuration" and then choose Asana on the dashboard.
  4. Then to connect Asana and Calamari together, click “Turn on integration”
  5. Authorize Calamari to access your Asana team’s account

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Leave management

Calamari is comprehensive leave management solution. It automates entitlement calculations (accruals, prorate, hire date based and more) and requests processing.

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Clock in/out

Calamari has also clock in/out module, so you can track attendance and time-off in your team with one simple tool.

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