Leave Management System

Calamari is an online tool which allows you to automates PTO calculation and helps to plan holidays in your company. The software is integrated with Google Apps, Slack, Jira and much more.
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Easy time-off planning

We designed Calamari in a specific way, making employee management easy and agreeable. Thanks to the flexibility of the service, Calamari has exactly what you need for a Leave Management System. We have been shaping this application based on the feedback and requests of our customers.

Your staff can request any type of leave in few clicks. The software has been designed with clean and clear tabs, to make its use always easier. Any specific training is required for the use of the software.

Absence calendar

You can check your employee holiday planning online. Calamari is available 24h/7d from all hardware with an Internet connection. You are free to consult those informations when and where you want. You can connect it with:

  • Google Calendar
  • Tempo Planner for time allocations through Jira
  • Office 365 calendar
  • Add your favourite calendar via iCal feed

Absence policy

Calamari is used in more than 30 countries and can handle a wide range of leave policies. Calamari can helps you in:

  • Leaves accrual (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, anniversary)
  • Annual renewal
  • Prorated entitlement
  • Unlimited pool policy
  • Leaves to take in advance or already available
  • Calculation in hours and days
  • Full-day and half-day’s leaving request available
  • Different company policy can be applied regarding employee seniority, country, gender, etc
  • Carry over unused pool with expiration
  • International teams
  • ... And much more


Multilevel approval flows

Calamari allows you to fully decide who can accept or reject employee leaves and who as to be notified. Calamari has a flexible multilevel approval process, which can take substitute approver in consideration. Simplicity and flexibility are now fully part of your daily management!

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