Leave management system

Calamari is an online time-off manager which allows you to automate PTO calculation and helps to manage holidays in your company. Try our leave management software integrated with Google Apps, Slack, Jira and much more.
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Absence calendars

Track employees vacation, days off or remote work in Calamari shared calendars. Synchronize time off requests with G Suite Calendar, Office 365, iOS, Apple and other calendars by iCal feed.

Automated entitlement

Automation is crucial point of leave management system. Calamari handles all calculations of an absence allowance according to your PTO policy. The entitlement can be accrued and prorated based on hire date or other employee's properties.

Approval flows

Calamari automates all notifications and a leave request approval process. Calamari has a flexible multilevel approval process which can reflect your company structure.

Any kind of absence

In Calamari leave management software you can manage any kind of absence like PTO, sick leave, maternity leave, vacations, personal days and many other.


Attach medical certificates and other required documents to absence requests. Managers and HR department have immediate access to all data in one place.


Comment your absence requests in Calamari. You can discuss your time-off directly in Calamari and be notified via e-mail or Slack when someone leaves a comment.

Remote team

Let your employees work remotely. You can use Calamari to manage a remote workforce. Calamari helps you to plan, track and communicate the remote work within your company.

Requests history

Keep the entire history of leave requests, calculations and other employee events in one secure and always available place. You do not need to print documents anymore.

Roles and privileges

Access to employee time-off data can be restricted to according you your needs. Calamari can also deal with world-spread companies, so the data is not shared between locations.


Try our seamless integrations with tools that are often commonly used by growing business. Do not waste your time for making time-off calendars manually from scratch, just enable integration in one click and keep your HR data synchronized automatically. Click the icon to learn more.

Employee management On-the-Go

Calamari is web application so you can access it everywhere in a web browser. But for your convenience, we provide a native application for Android and iOS devices. Your essential HR activities always at hand:

  • apply for time-off, vacations and remote work
  • approve or reject employees absence and timesheet requests
  • track attendance with iBeacon technology
  • clock in with GPS location
  • receive notifications
  • and more soon


Calamari is not only a leave management system. The system consists of separate modules making the solution more flexible and suited to your needs. You can choose modules you want.

Calamari clockin

Calamari provides also a attendance tracking system. It integrates with leave management module, for example, your PTO can be calculated according to timesheet and absence are included in the timesheet report.

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Widely used in more than 60 countries!

This tool is extremely helpful if your team is distributed all over the world. Many of our customers use Calamari to track vacations for employees in more than two countries. You can set up separate time-off policies and absence types for each location to keep all employee and time off related data in one system.

Calamari user interface is available in five languages: English, German, Polish, French and Spanish.

Calamari Clockin

Calamari has also clock in/out module, so you can track attendance and time-off in your team with one simple tool.

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Product security

We know that security and availability of a service are very important for a cloud-based application. Read about our principles and solutions.

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Customer stories

We are focused on great customer experience. Read stories of our happy customers and learn how Calamari helps them in every day work.

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