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Leave management for modern teams

Replace emails and spreadsheets with a flexible, easy-to-use tool for leave tracking.

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Rating - Calamari
In the 2+ years our company has used Calamari, we have heard nothing but positive feedback from employees and managers.
Parker R
Parker R VP, People, Mission & Culture at Brightspot

Join 125K+ relaxed employees from fast growing companies in 106 countries.


Team availability at a glance

Team availability at a glance Team availability at a glance

Different types of leaves & their balances

Different types of leaves & their balances Different types of leaves & their balances

Transparent leave view & overlapping requests

Transparent leave view & overlapping requests Transparent leave view & overlapping requests

Get ready for efficiency

Stop being a bottleneck. Try our time-off tracking system for 14 days for free and regain focus.

  • Easy & quick setup
  • No tech skills needed
  • Support from day one

No card required. Trial ends automatically.

  • Easy & quick setup
  • No tech skills needed
  • Support from day one


Give employees & managers a quick way to request time off

Web, mobile, Slack

Everyone can use our web/mobile app or Slack to send requests, while choosing the right type of absence, indicating a substitute and adding comments.

Approvals delegation

Eliminate any bottlenecks – let managers handle requests or allow auto-approval and see all updates in the company calendar automatically.

Transparent leave balances

When requesting time off, everyone can see the exact number of days or hours they have left and when they will expire.

Additional information

Together with absence requests, you can add information about substitutes, reasons, or comments, and upload attachments.


See team availability at a glance

All types of absences in one view

See all sick leave, vacation, remote and office days, conferences and all other kinds of leave requests in one place. Motivate employees to go on vacation when you see opportunities for them to do so.

Team availability

Calendar views allow your employees to plan projects, work time, and absences accordingly. Managers can see all available resources and overlapping absences so that the business can keep running smoothly.

Instant notifications

Both employees and their managers will receive notifications (via email, integrated app, or in-app) about any changes to requests.


Centralized time-off management for distributed teams

Languages & time zones

Employees can see team availability in their own time zones, and use Calamari apps in five languages: English, Polish, French, Spanish, or German.

Public holidays

We support 110+ calendars, meaning you don’t have to search for the list of public holidays after hiring from different countries.

Separate time-off policies

Implement different absence policies depending on the country from which your employees originate.


Be transparent about the company rules

Custom time-off types

You have complete flexibility to create different types of absences, e.g., unique holidays, conference days, or additional occasional leave.

Custom policies for different contract types

Depending on the type of contract, you can configure different absence policies, e.g., for full-time, part-time, trials, or internships.

Transparent leave balances

Entitlement can be accrued and prorated based on the hire date or other employee properties.

Request restrictions

For example:

  • Time-off request may not be longer/shorter than X days
  • Leave longer than X days must be requested Y calendar days before the start date
  • Absence can be requested up to X days retrospectively
  • An employee is able to make a request after X days/months from their hire date
Attachments & Descriptions

Add attachments to better explain the type of time off or see additional information. Administrators can add text description as well.


Avoid repetitive tasks & calculations

Automatic calculations

Create any kind of absences and let Calamari handle all calculations and absence allowance according to your time-off policies.

Automatic carry-over

In case of unused entitlement, Calamari can carry it over to the next year.

Auto-approval option

You can decide if all types of absences require approval from managers or if they can be auto-approved to save you time and let you focus on your work.


Set custom approval flows

Custom assigning

Choose a direct or team manager in the approval process, assign a back-up approver in case of manager absence, or allow auto-approval.

Multi-steps & comprehensive

Create different approval flows for different absence types and for different teams or departments to reflect your company’s structure.

History & restrictions

Get a full history of request approval flows along with comments and attachments. Past requests can also be restricted from modifications or an approval flow can be created for them.


Run custom reports using time off data

Every report you need
  • Report of absence requests
  • Attendance report
  • Timesheet details report
  • Payroll report (how many days were requested)
  • Entitlement report
  • List of employees (employee’ profiles)
Easy export

Export reports for any period of time, type of contract, teams, employees, or types of absences.

PDF for each request

If required, managers can always download a PDF file for each employee request.

Connect to reporting system via public API

Save even more time thanks to Calamari’s easy integrations with many applications, through which you can send automatic reports via public API.


Privacy and security for your data

Assign roles & permissions

Define in detail the data and operations employees will have access to. Thanks to this, the managers will, e.g., be able to view reports of their team members.

Encrypted data transfer

An encrypted HTTPS connection is always used during communication between Calamari and its users. For encryption, we use SSL with a secure 256-bit key. The very same technology is used by banks to protect your data.


We monitor the availability of Calamari 24/7 to offer SLA at 99.9%. Our team constantly introduces improvements to the infrastructure and software to attain better and faster results in terms of availability and speed of the system.

Data center

Calamari is maintained in one of the most secure and appreciated data centers – Amazon Web Services. Our server provider has the following certificates: ISO 27001, SOC 2, SOC 3, and more. Customer data from the European Union is stored on servers in Ireland. We also have data centers in the US and Singapore for clients located in other countries.


A backup of your Calamari data is made daily then stored and encrypted in separate locations. We guarantee RPO 24 hours and RTO 12 hours. We regularly test and verify our backup recovery procedures.


Excellent customer support & help center 

Customer support

Forget about ticketing systems – we use your preferred communication channel to quickly answer all your questions. Our Customer Success Team always goes the extra mile to go beyond your expectations.

Online help center

All the essential information about our product is conveniently accessible through our comprehensive online help center, providing you with a user-friendly guide to assist you whenever you wish to handle tasks independently.

Dedicated help

On a premium plan you will be assigned to a dedicated customer support team member who will be available to you to make sure you are using Calamari to its full potential.


All essential HR activities are always at hand

Native Android & iOS apps

Get a high quality mobile app that has all the necessary features you will need on the go.

Manage requests from your phone

Employees can easily request absences online and managers can accept or reject them quickly from their phones. Everyone can see their limits and outstanding requests.

Notifications & alerts

View the company absence calendar and easily see upcoming absences, remote work, holidays, and birthdays in the company.


Be even more productive with Calamari

Time & attendance

Improve business decisions by understanding your team’s performance. Get automated timesheets, six methods of time logging and all other essential features for attendance tracking.


Switch to a transparent and safe way to organize your HR documents. Define workflow approvals, see a complete history of actions on documents, and receive notifications about any changes.

Core HR

People directory, reminders, inventory management, onboarding, and other Core HR features are coming soon!

Keep employee record synchronized

Calamari integrates with apps you use every day, allowing you to sync your hr data in the backgroud.

Enable integration with one click and keep your HR data synchronized automatically:

  • Single sign-on
  • Instant notifications
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Quick employee account setup
  • Manage through your apps

How to start

Do you feel frustrated with current HR processes?
We were too, which is why we know exactly what you need in order to avoid repetitive work and focus on growing your business.

icon Trial & demo

Try our time-off system for free for 14 days and book a demo with us so we can answer all of your questions and setup the system together.

iconSetup & import - icon Setup & import

Configure time-off policies and upload employee HR data. Our Customer Success Team will help you out with the configuration in line with your needs.

icon Invite & Go

Quickly onboard your employees by sharing an invitation link, and you’re ready to go!

Usually the onboarding takes a new company in three to five business days.
Our Customer Success Team is happy to guide you through the whole onboarding process, so feel free to drop us a line.

Simplicity that attracts fast companies

Check how our clients describe us

Company logo

We can not imagine how we made it work before finding Calamari. It is a very flexible and efficient tool that saves us time. We can not say enough about how fast and supportive the Calamari team is!

Erin A.
Erin A. Personnel OPS & Admin
Company logo

The tool is extremely convenient and helpful since our company’s offices are spread around different locations. We can instantly know who is out of the office and who is present thanks to the Slack integration.

Michał S.
Michał S. Founder & CEO
Company logo

With Calamari we forgot about all the fuss with counting hours, different allowances for different teams and employees. Amazing functionalities with countless options of adjusting the settings to fit our needs. If something is not there yet Calamari’s team makes it happen with a snap of the fingers or finds an alternative solution.

 Grace K.
Grace K. Operations manager
Company logo

Integration with Slack and G Suite was crucial for us. Calamari turned out to be a great solution that allowed us to make the process more agreeable and helped both Employees and Team Leaders better plan their work!

Karolina G.
Karolina G. HR Manager

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Tired of repetitive HR tasks?

See for yourself how much time you can save by automating time-off management, easy time tracking, and having one place for all HR documents.

  • Easy & quick setup
  • No tech skills needed
  • Support from day one

No card required. Trial ends automatically.

  • Easy & quick setup
  • No tech skills needed
  • Support from day one