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A well-organized & mistake-free employee database with documents

CoreHR is everything you need to organize your employee records in a transparent and safe way. No more spreadsheets and cabinets. Digital employee record, HR documents, people directory.

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Core HR EN
Core HR EN
Rating - Calamari
In the 2+ years our company has used Calamari, we have heard nothing but positive feedback from employees and managers.
Parker R
Parker R VP, People, Mission & Culture at Brightspot

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Dashboard with employee documents

Dashboard with employee documents Dashboard with employee documents

People directory

People directory People directory

Access control to enforce HR data security

Access control to enforce HR data security Access control to enforce HR data security

Get ready for efficiency

Stop being a bottleneck. Try our time-off tracking system for 14 days for free and regain focus.

  • Easy & quick setup
  • No tech skills needed
  • Support from day one

No card required. Trial ends automatically.

  • Easy & quick setup
  • No tech skills needed
  • Support from day one

Online HR document storage

Keep all your payslips, contracts, leaves, IDs, evaluations documents, performance metrics and more in one HR system

  • Configurable catalogues with access restrictions for admins, managers and employees
  • Uploading documents in bulk and with different statuses: completed, to be completed, requested, to acquaint with
  • Review the full history of changes and actions on documents and get notifications about changes

Employee documents & HR data

Use an easy-to-use search engine and avoid going through cabinets and paper folders

  • Search by name, role, tags, dates, description or document type
  • Set your own document directory structure
  • Attach additional information to documents
  • Browse documents on the mobile app

Visibility permissions and approvals

Manage access level and visibility of different document catalogues.

  • Set up an access level for employees, direct managers and their team managers
  • Make sure only authorized people can see important documents
  • See the full history of changes of documents

Security and privacy of your data

Decide which roles have access to what types of documents and information

  • Administrative controls to enforce organization-wide protection
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • In line with European GDPR standards

Share the organizational structure

Give your employees an easy way to see who they work with in the central employee database

  • Public employee profile for hybrid, remote, and on-site teams
  • Keep your team focused thanks to advanced search, supporting employees with finding the right person to answer their questions
  • Roles details include position, department, and manager
  • Employment details with role information, employment dates, contract type, place of work

Keep employee record synchronized

Calamari integrates with apps you use every day, allowing you to sync your hr data in the backgroud.

Enable integration with one click and keep your HR data synchronized automatically:

  • Single sign-on
  • Instant notifications
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Quick employee account setup
  • Manage through your apps

How to start

Do you want to boost your current HR processes? We know exactly what you need
in order to avoid repetitive work and focus on your people and business’s growth.

icon Trial & demo

Try our time-off system for free for 14 days and book a demo with us so we can answer all of your questions and setup the system together.

iconSetup & import - icon Setup & import

Configure time-off policies and upload employee HR data. Our Customer Success Team will help you out with the configuration in line with your needs.

icon Invite & Go

Quickly onboard your employees by sharing an invitation link, and you’re ready to go!

Usually the onboarding takes a new company in three to five business days.
Our Customer Success Team is happy to guide you through the whole onboarding process, so feel free to drop us a line.

Simplicity that attracts fast companies

Check how our clients describe us

Company logo

We can not imagine how we made it work before finding Calamari. It is a very flexible and efficient tool that saves us time. We can not say enough about how fast and supportive the Calamari team is!

Erin A.
Erin A. Personnel OPS & Admin
Company logo

The tool is extremely convenient and helpful since our company’s offices are spread around different locations. We can instantly know who is out of the office and who is present thanks to the Slack integration.

Michał S.
Michał S. Founder & CEO
Company logo

With Calamari we forgot about all the fuss with counting hours, different allowances for different teams and employees. Amazing functionalities with countless options of adjusting the settings to fit our needs. If something is not there yet Calamari’s team makes it happen with a snap of the fingers or finds an alternative solution.

 Grace K.
Grace K. Operations manager
Company logo

Integration with Slack and G Suite was crucial for us. Calamari turned out to be a great solution that allowed us to make the process more agreeable and helped both Employees and Team Leaders better plan their work!

Karolina G.
Karolina G. HR Manager

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Tired of repetitive HR tasks?

See for yourself how much time you can save by automating time-off management, easy time tracking, and having one place for all HR documents.

  • Easy & quick setup
  • No tech skills needed
  • Support from day one

No card required. Trial ends automatically.

  • Easy & quick setup
  • No tech skills needed
  • Support from day one