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Clock-in and Clock-out with Calamari. This innovation does not require any action from your employee. Track time with iBeacon technology, QR code scanner and other useful clocking methods. This simple and easy to use tool offers many features including employee time tracking, timesheets, manual time entries and approval flow.

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Many ways to clock in!


Time and attendance with iBeacons

An innovative way to measure work time. Bluetooth iBeacons are small battery-powered devices. They signal a location to nearby phones. After getting the signal from the device Calamari knows if your employees are in the office or not. No action is required, only a mobile phone with the Calamari app for each of your employees. iBeacons works simultaneously with other punch in methods. Find the best one for you.

  • Clock in and out with any action!
  • Calamari recognises who is present at the office and start the shift automatically.
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QR code

Print out identifiers and distribute it to your employees or ask them to install Calamari app on their phones. Then you will have to install the Calamari QR Terminal app on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone with good quality camera). Mount this device near the entrance to an office and let employees clock in by scanning their QR codes.

  • Turn any tablet or smartphone into a professional time reader
  • Automatically generates the attendance list and timesheets
  • During scanning the application takes a photo of the employee

Web browser

Web browser clock in option is an excellent choice if you are looking for a simple solution. Employees just need to sign in to Calamari and use start/stop buttons to open the shift or mark breaks.

  • If you know the office's IP addresses, you can limit the location of the logging.

Mobile application

Calamari provides native applications for iOS and Android devices. Just let your employees on-the-go sign in and use it in a similar way to web application.

  • The mobile app can track GPS location when an employee punches the clock.


Can't imagine your daily work without Slack? Calamari gives your team more convenient way to clock-in and clock-out directly from Slack. Simply go to the Calamari App card in your Slack and use the buttons to start and stop your workday or break.

  • Use simple commands to clock in and out.

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Calamari provides you convenient API to integrate your company-wide systems. This is the perfect way to measure time if you are an IT company and using some specific access control devices like fingerprint scanners.

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Calamari Clock in/out gives you

Worktime and breaks

With Calamari, you can manage attendance of your team with ease. The tool allows you to track attendance with all kinds of breaks (billable and nonbillable) like lunch or personal time.

Manual time tracking changes in Calamari Time Tracking software

Manual timesheet correction

With a few clicks, an employee can make update to their time entries. A manager is notified about all changes in employee's timesheet and then can approve or reject them. Calamari keeps the full history of timesheet changes so you can keep your eye on it.

You can set up managers responsible for the timesheet approval. Calamari provides a flexible multilevel approval process as well as the automatic approval for the chosen employees.

Absence notifications in Calamari Time Tracking software

Abuses notifications

Calamari notifies you about lates, unexpected absences, and other abuses. Just open timesheet and see where are attendance abuse warnings.

Timesheets in Calamari Time Tracking software

Track projects time

Calamari helps you track the time spent by your team on particular projects or tasks. If you want to understand your true labour costs, you will love this feature.

The projects report that shows the number of hours worked and projects namesfor a given employee or team it easy to understand how the working time of your employees is spent and helps optimizing team performance as well as increasing projects profitability.


Approval flows

You can set up managers responsible for the timesheet approval. Calamari provides a flexible multilevel approval process as well as the automatic approval for the chosen employees.


Automated time tracking

Regardless of how your business works, Calamari has a solution. Employees can use their mobile phones for clockin in and out or use actionless iBeacons. Calamari has many other convenient methods like: QR code scanning, web application, or API.


Punch clock with GPS

Whether your employees work in an office, travel between job sites, or working remotely there is a clocking method that allows you to track the time and place of your employees's work.

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Try out our seamless integrations with tools that are commonly used by growing businesses. Don't waste your time on creating time-off calendars manually from scratch. You can enable integration with just one click and keep your HR data synchronized automatically.

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Employee management on-the-go

Calamari is a web application so you can access it everywhere in your web browser. But for your convenience, we provide a native application for Android and iOS devices. Your essential HR activities are always at hand.

employee management
  • requesting absences online,
  • accepting and rejecting absence requests,
  • time tracking with GPS location of work and breaks,
  • tracking work on projects,
  • registering, editing and checking work time,
  • vewing company absence calendar,
  • checking absences limits,
  • checking upcoming absences, remote work, holidays, and birthdays in company,
  • receiving system's notifications and alerts,
  • tracking work time automatically with iBeacon technology,
  • time tracking using QR codes,
  • displaying employee attendance list,

and a lot more!

We are GDPR compliant

Calamari makes privacy and security a priority and we fully comply with EU-wide privacy and data protection law
  • Data processing agreement
  • Backup and disaster recovery plans
  • Data encryption and pseudonymisation
  • Reliable distributed AWS datacenter
employee management

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