Attendance management system

Clock-in and Clock-out with Calamari. This innovation does not require any handling from your employees thanks to the iBeacon technology and the others clocking methods available.
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Many clocking’s methods available

Calamari give you the choice between several options to measure working time and working attendance. Feel free to try our different system and find the most suitable with your needs:

  • Click the icon / button on the main page of the web browser
  • Scan the QR code
  • Use iBeacon
  • Type Slack command
  • Through you work entries from Toggl’s software
  • Integrate with API

How to clocking with iBeacon?
iBeacon is a small electronic device which works with Calamari in similar ways as real beacons works with ships on the sea.
You can position iBeacon wherever you want in your workplace
The small box sends a signal on the mobile of your employees constantly. Calamari then knows if your employees are present in the office, and can Clock-in and Clock-out automatically. Any actions are required, only a mobile phone with the Calamari’s application for each one of your employees, in their pocket!
How many iBeacon would I need?
Usually only one iBeacon is enough to cover the entire office.

Where is the most suitable localisation for my iBeacon?
Employees have to pass by the Beacon when they start and when they finish their working day. This is why we recommend you to place your beacon near main office entrances. The iBeacon captor is working within a 10 meters’ scope.

Where can I buy iBeacon?
We can recommend you the devices. We already internally tested this product with our Calamari software, and the result was really rewarding. It works perfectly and the battery last for much more than expected.
Here is recommended device
What type of mobile phone shall I have?
We can provide mobile application for Android and iOS mobile phone.

Is it safe/secure?
Sure it is. Each iBeacon has a unique identifier, in order for Calamari to know that the employee is present in the office and not close to a beacon at another localisation.
What about other option to "tickle" the clock?


If you like simplicity, this option is the one shaped for you. You just need to sign-in into the Calamari’s application and use the interface start/stop, shift and/or mark breaks.

QR Code

The QR code scan is another option proposed by Calamari. You will need to print out identifiers and distribute it to your employees. Then you will have to install the Calamari QR application on mobile devices that have quality cameras (tablet or smartphone).

Mount this device near entrance to work and let employees to clock in by scanning codes.


Are you a daily user of Slack? It might be more convenient for your employees to Clock-in and Clock-out directly with this tool? Calamari makes it possible for you, you simply need to type “/calamari clockin” when you start your working day and “/calamari clockout” when your end you working day.


Are you a user of Toggl to log-in to your workplace?
Calamari is able to synchronize your data from Toggle and switch Toggle’s time entries into shift in the Calamari Clockin system

What is the advantage?
Calamari can calculate leave entitlement for hours logged in Toggl.


If you are interested by the integration of Calamari Clockin system we can provide you a WebAPI. For this option you need to contact us first.

Manage unexpected situations!

Calamari can report late arrivals, abuses or overtime in accordance with the configured attendance policy. Managers receives then notifications and report simultaneously.


Leave management

There is also the "Leave Management" module in our Calamari’s software. Make holidays planning and entitlement calculation feels like a relief.

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Calamari offers you a comprehensive reports and full time sheet history. Preparing your payrolls was never that easy!

Integrated with your workplace
You will enjoy pleasant integrations.

Google Apps

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Office 365



Tempo Planner


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