We published a post about the pros and cons of unlimited Time Off based on our customers' experience. In this article, we would like to present 5 tips for the successful implementation of unlimited PT
Nowadays, companies no longer have as much time to deal with the operation of the paper system. Managers need immediate access to reports, preferably in real-time. They also want to have access to inf
Unlimited vacation policy is becoming more and more popular in the USA. World-famous companies such as Netflix and Kickstarter have introduced this policy in their branches some time ago. Is this solu
Accurate tracking of the time and attendance of employees is a very essential part of any small and large business — but is more especially important for starting businesses. Unfortunately, though, n
The popularity of remote work and digital nomads phenomenon is rising. At the same time, digital nomadism id getting more and more heard of around the world. In our previous article on the digital rev
Beacons – a term that has entered the world of innovative companies with a big BANG! The ability to track people's behavior in a confined space has excited global marketers to the limit. However, so f
In every company and every office, there will be employees who have a bad habit of being late for work. This behavior does not necessarily mean a decrease in employee performance, but it can show his
If you want to build a successful company in 2019, you have to come up with more agile, automated and value-based HR strategies - according to the trends discovered by HR researchers. Let’s go through
What do you do when many of your employees apply for vacation at the same time? How early should your team members request time off? Who has the priority to choose the date of their leave first, and o
Generation Y, more commonly referred to as Millennials, refers to people born in 1981-2000. Unlike previous generations, it grew up in the world of digital and social media. How did this affect genera
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