Beacons are not just for retail. Modern way of the attendance tracking

Beacons – a term that has entered the world of innovative companies with a big BANG! The ability to track people's behavior in a confined space has excited global marketers to the limit. However, so far the potential of beacons is mainly associated with retail. But are you sure?

iBeacon technology in HR management. Use modern Time Tracking software like Calama Clock to track your employees attendance Designed by Freepik

What happens if we implement Beacons* into the HR department for absence management and time tracking solution? Let's see how iBeacon technology can revolutionize business operations!

How it's working?

Let's go to work with John – an employee of the company in which iBeacon technology was implemented for the purposes of using as clock in/out tracker and absence management device.

Upon arrival, John enters the office. When he crosses his threshold, he receives a notification on his phone with the information:

Hi John! Remember that we changed the security code for the front door yesterday. If you don't remember the new person, call Mary. PS Look great today, keep it up!

John smiles under his breath. He is grateful for the password reminder. He sits down at his position and gets to work. After a few hours, it's lunchtime. John's phone vibrates again and the screen displays a notification:

Mmmm ... do you know what time it is? Time for lunch! Time for a break. Specialist tip: because you look amazing today, don't let me be your only meal companion. Take someone with you and relax together;)

John feels inspired and encouraged to invite one of his colleagues, Greg, to lunch. He remembers that Greg loves Indian cuisine just like him. They spend some free time together during breaks, and after eating a meal they return to work. John screen greets him with a message from the manager:

John, I just received a notification that you came back from the break. Please come to my office for a moment. There is one urgent issue that we must discuss.

With attendance tracking notification, John's iBeacon helped him avoid receiving stressful messages from his supervisor during lunch. His manager knew that he was not in the office and waited for him to come back so as not to disturb his rest.


After a few hours of work, John is finally to solve the "urgent matter". At this time, he receives another mobile notification:

John, it was a very busy day, and we, for the sake of your well-being, support the balance between work and private life. Come back home Your family (and the new episode of Game of Thrones!) are already waiting for you;) See you tomorrow, chop-chop!

This is how John's day ends. He returns home and his manager finds out through the next notification he has received. Everyone is happy with John's virtual assistant iBeacon.

Now let’s get back from the future of attendance management to reality. Well, wait ... Actually, there is no need to get back, because:

The future is now and John really exists!

Beacons technology is no longer just for retail. They are a great game-changer for HR and attendance management as well if HR managers know how to benefit from them. At Calamari, we have implemented Beacons, which help in time attendance and time-tracking management. Thanks to this solution, your employees can automatically register their presence in the workplace, all breaks, and termination of work without the need to actively report any action. Calamari recognizes when an employee is within the range of beacons and automatically saves information about his presence. It also sends automatic notifications via a mobile application that inform managers about the status of subordinates.

Calamari has been installing beacons in corporate spaces for some time, helping employees to mark their presence without wasting time signing attendance lists.

So, is that all?

No, the possibilities of this solution do not end there. iBeacon in HR opens up many possibilities, that's why we will go further and implement bout breaks and the end of shift notifications into beacons. Everything to make your and your employees' lives easier and attendance management processes more automated.

What else can iBeacon in HR management and beyond change?

This attractive technology is also gaining more and more popularity in the retail market. By the end of 2019, the number of beacons devices is expected to increase to 60 million units. Their price will decrease with the popularity of this solution. Not only giants such as Apple or Google see its potential. More and more small companies and startups are reaching for them to create new services.

Mingleton uses beacons to revolutionize dating markets, Launch Here improves your installed apps organization, and many companies try to implement them into smart home solutions (just like Zuli does). There are also ideas to use beacons for pet animal safety and tracking. The only thing that limits you is your imagination!

Do you know any other companies apart from Calamari that uses iBeacons technology? Or maybe you have your own idea to use this technology? Let us know, we will gladly share our experiences!

P.S. What are beacons?

Here is a short yet full definition by Estimote, the world leader of the technology:

Beacons are essentially tiny, low power computers attached to walls or objects in the physical world. Using proximity technologies they detect human presence and behavior and trigger pre-programmed actions delivering contextual and personalized experiences.

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