5 reasons why it's worth using the mobile leave management app

The new tech development and the huge popularity of mobile devices caused more and more office software to become available on smartphones. Find out how much your company can benefit from mobile leave management.

Usage of mobile devices worldwide

The possibilities of smartphones are increasing every year. More developers decide to create mobile versions of their apps. Thanks to this trend, everyday work is becoming more and more effective.

As data collected by Statista shows, the number of active smartphones increased in recent years, and it's expected to increase even more. In 2016 the number of active mobile devices was 3,669 mln, while in 2020 there were already 6,055 mln of them. If the predictions are correct, until the end of 2026 the number of active mobile devices will be 2 times higher than in 2016, over 7,5 mln.

Among the most active mobile users, there are generation Z (Gen Z) and millennials who are currently the largest group of employees (59%). Data presented by Snapchat shows that 74% of Millenials and 78% of Gen Z's stated that smartphones are the most important and necessary device in their life.

The Covid-19 pandemic also contributed to the popularization of mobile devices, due to the lockdown and remote work that was recommended to maintain health. When most parts of the world start working remotely, office mobile devices – as time tracking or leave management became something desirable which significantly improve the information from in the organization.


Why is it worth using a mobile leave management app?

The mobile version of the vacation tracker provides several benefits that support and improve the daily workflow in the company.

Access to the company's vacation calendar

Absence management isn't the easiest one, especially from the perspective of a manager who needs to take the entire team's organization into account when deciding on accepting or denying the leave request. Thanks to the possibility to quickly check the absences of other employees, managers can make the best possible decision based on the availability of other people.

What is the case when the manager is on a business trip or has no access to the computer? In this kind of situation mobile leave management software is a great help. It allows access to the planned day off in the organization at any time and from any place. Thanks to this, it is really easy to be up to date about the employee's vacation to better plan the upcoming work efficiently.

Access to the day-offs limits at all times

Mobile absence management apps are also convenient for employees. Regardless of whether they work from home, office, delegation or they are on a business meeting, they can check how many days they have at any time.

This allows them to apply for a day off whenever they need to take it. Their request will be forwarded straight to the manager, who will be able to accept or deny the request immediately. The confirmed leave day will be automatically added to the organization's vacation calendar. This kind of information flow optimization in the case of leave management makes it much easier to plan the projects in time in every company's department.

Planning the out of office work

Having constant access to the organization's absence calendar is a great help in planning meetings and projects with clients. Managers can be sure that they choose the right dates for meetings with all the necessary employees available at the time. That improves work efficiency and allows smartly to plan the upcoming projects in the company.

Scheduling meetings based on the current employee leave calendar minimizes the chances of mistakes in planning and extending the deadlines, and at the same, it allows planning work in the future based on the most reliable information possible.

Easy way to call a day off at any time

Sometimes, due to various mishaps, employees can need a day off at the last moment. But sometimes their access to the computer is limited. Thanks to the mobile absence management app they can request a day off at any time and from any place using their smartphones.

Providing employees the possibility to request a leave day via phone, even if their access to the web is limited, they can still apply for a vacation day. By using the vacation calendar of the whole company and their vacation limits, they can choose between all given absence types depending on what they need – like leave on request for remote work.


If the manager also uses a mobile vacation tracker, they will be immediately informed about the new request and will be able to accept it. Even team leaders who usually work outside the office can manage their team's leave remotely by phone when they find a minute – for example between meetings or on the way to a meeting.

Mobile leave acceptance

The possibility to apply and decide on a leave request is useful not only in exceptional situations. Managers who are often from outside the office can easily manage their team's day off whenever they find a minute to do so.

Thanks to the possibility of remotely accepting leave days employees don't have to wait long to know the decision about their requests. When the day-off is accepted, it's become a part of the vacation calendar of the whole company so the other employees can have the most current data about their colleagues' availability. It allows them to efficiently plan their work in time which helps minimize the loss of time spent on waiting for essential people to come back to work.


Using new technologies to develop mobile office software such as leave management tools allows optimizing the processes of information flow and project planning which have a great influence on a company's efficiency.

If you didn't have a chance to try Calamari Leave for mobile, we encourage you to do so and find out how much your organization can benefit from it.

If you have any questions regarding mobile absence management – feel free to contact us! And if you want to be up to date on news from the HR world and software helping in HR management, follow our blog and never miss any news!


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