Why Should HR Professionals Not Be Scared of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most debated topics in the HR domain lately. While many organizations are still in the dilemma to embrace this technology the leading businesses are already reaping its benefits. The HR professionals fear of machines snatching their jobs and overpowering their area of expertise. However, what can’t be denied in this fearful situation is the immense opportunities AI has in store for the HR department.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, is a form of technology in which the machines are programmed to act and behave like humans. Many intelligent machines are capable to perform automation tasks, learning activities and even quality control process.

Needless to say, no segment of business other than HR witnesses a huge amount of complex data with data management and analytical needs. With the coming of AI, HR professionals can improve their ability to collect enormous data, process it and anticipate the early changes depending on the changing scenarios of businesses. AI has the potential to increase the productivity of Human Resources professionals in manifold ways.

Instead of taking the HR professionals out of the picture, AI will aid them in the following ways:

  • AI will improve the candidate search process by reducing manual efforts and recruiter’s biases. In fact, the technology will speed up the recruitment process. However, humans are blessed with the innate ability to identify the personality and behaviour of a person, considering this, a manual screening will always be imperative after the machine has selected the candidate technically.
  • With AI, customization will be possible in the training and coaching of employee-related data. Similar to movie and shopping recommendations, training and corporate coaching programs will be recommended with the occurrence of more employee interactions.
  • Scheduling and rescheduling interviews consume a lot of time of the recruiters that directly affects their regular productivity. As such AI is supposed to be a problem-solver during the workflow issues. The software will automate the different steps of hiring process such as interview scheduling, performance review, onboarding of new employees and even answering the basic questions of HR. This will make the HR professionals free of basic tasks and get engaged in better roles.
  • AI has the capability to gather and analyse data quickly with no manual error risk associated with it. This will positively impact the HR managers as they can get accurate data quickly and take the right decisions at the right time. Also, they can focus on the outcomes of data analytics to create effective strategies for making the businesses successful in the long run.
  • AI can prove to be a game-changer in the recruitment process owing to its ability to automate the sending of emails and performance status messages. As the entire talent screening and hiring process takes time, candidates are likely to get disengaged in the position; however, with AI, the candidates’ experience can be improved to a great extent thus helping the recruiters and HR professionals.
  • With AI in the HR system, the professionals can effectively measure as well as track the overall productivity of the organization. Most of the times, employees find it difficult to let their seniors know their areas of work problems but with AI those challenges can be identified easily. This will support the HR in improving the performance of the entire organization by providing training or corporate mentoring to the employees.
  • For HR leaders, it is crucial to analyse and then forecast various workforce trends including employee engagement, future turnover and training needs. Although it is time-consuming, a major component of HR activities. With AI in HR landscape, data prediction can be done more accurately and quickly. This will assist the HR professionals to gather the correct information and guide the organization on upcoming business changes.

As HR systems are rapidly becoming sentient, it would be a wise decision to embrace the new technology. And, AI is the future of HR world! By effective implementation of the technology in the business, HR functions can be streamlined to produce optimum results.

No wonder AI has the ability to accelerate and automate the data collection, make observations and enhance the talent acquisition process; the final actions must be taken by the HR professionals who know how to handle AI tools.

Author: Chirantan Mungara

Bio : Chirantan Patel is the Product Manager at Softwaresuggest & Callhippo, an Inc. 275 company that researches and analyzes software to educate, advise, and connect buyers and sellers of business technology.

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