How a joke can be the solution for lateness?

In every office there will always be those who have that bad habit of being late. It is clear that this behavior does not necessarily imply a decrease in productivity.

In any case, most people who arrive at the office first prepare a cup of coffee, read the news a little and then “land” gently and prepare to start working. However, this attitude affects the morale of the work team that is concerned about getting there early. It creates a hostile environment of inequality and injustice because nothing happens to those who tend to be late.

Now, let’s think of all the work a manager has to do to monitor late arrivals. Write down the arrival and departure times of each employee on a form along the days, weeks and months of work in order to have certainties and finally communicate to each employee the need for a change in his or her behavior by virtue of the team. In this sense, Calamari offers us a practical and automatic system for the real-time control of employees, saving managers considerable management time. Calamari provides us with accurate information on the arrival of our employees and we have identified those who have arrived late in the course of the week.

Psychologist Alanís Valdez proposes an interesting solution to effectively communicate behavior change. The idea is this:

The attendance officer, i. e. the person who keeps track of the staff’s arrival times, will analyze the data and identify which employee within the workforce or in a particular sector, was the one who arrived late most often or accumulated most minutes of tardiness or a mix of both.

Once that person has been identified, he will be informed that, later, in the office, at the end of the day, all employees will gather so that this person who has earned “the distinction” or the one who has had the most delays will stand in front of everyone and tell them a joke.

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It’s that simple.

One of the most common fears of all people is to speak in public and it gets worse if you have to tell a joke. The fear of public speaking is more significant and exemplifying than a payroll discount or an uncomfortable wake-up call.

It is clear that negative behaviors must be eliminated and we should be careful with the way it is done and for that reason, this slogan to tell a joke and have a good laugh seemed to us a great proposal to improve the working atmosphere within your organization.

Author: Laura De Cecco


Valdez, E. A. (2016, August 26). Cómo hacer que los empleados no lleguen tarde. Retrieved from

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