Employee Offer Letter template and overview

An Employee Offer Letter is a document where an employer can present a job opportunity to a new employee. Discover what should be included in the document and download the free template!

In the offer letter, the employer includes all the essential details about a job, such as job title, compensation details, and start date. An employer may require the signed confirmation of a new employee on the job offer letter to confirm that the employee accepts the position.

An employee offer letter is also known as:

  • job offer letter,
  • employment offer letter,
  • offer letter,
  • letter of offer,
  • offer of employment letter


What is included in the employee offer letter?

There are several things to include in the job offer letter. The order can vary but all of them have to be included:

  • Job details - a few sentences about the job duties, work hours and responsibilities of the employee, whether work is full or part-time, who's the supervisor etc.;
  • Salary and commission - details about the salary, pay cycle, and how to collect commission payment if possible;
  • Reporting structure - who new employee report to, who's above that person etc.;
  • Starting date of employment;
  • Benefits - a list of available benefits such as paid time off, medical insurance, other insurances, retirement plan, etc.;
  • Instructions for accepting the offer - where to sign and how to give back the document if accept the offer;2
  • Contact information - all the details about the company needed for an employee to contact it in case of questions about the offer;

It's worth starting the employment offer letter with a nice accent by saying you're happy to inform the candidate that they've been chosen for the open position.

Remember to explain to your new employee how to accept the job offer and whom to contact to discuss the offer.

Depending on the role and employer, the information included in the letter of offer can be different. It may include information required by the state, local law, or employment contracts.


What not to include in the offer letter?

There are also a few things that shouldn't be included in the offer of employment letter:

  • Promises of promotions, pay rises, and bonuses - you shouldn't make any promises in the job offer letter that you're not absolutely sure about. Otherwise, employees have a legal ground to seek what they were promised or they can simply look for another job;

  • Implications about termination - don't add information about the termination time of prior notice. This may cause a conflict with the at-will nature of the employment.

  • Statements about the job permanency or duration - don't use words such as "can" or "have been" and avoid sentences that may sound like promises of a long-term partnership/ They may lead to expensive legal battles.

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