Calamari Leave receives two HR software awards from FinancesOnline

A series of great developments happened recently involving our human resource management software. We’d like to share with you all, that Calamari Leave was reviewed by B2B directory and emerged with very favorable results — a score of 8.0 out of 10 and a near perfect user satisfaction rating of 99%. Reviewers observed how our software is able to assist business keep tab and stay on top of employee leaves, work time and attendance through its two modules — Leave Management and Clock In/Clock Out. Designed by Freepik

The first module is designed to help businesses improve and accelerate leave-related workflows by automating the approval flow of absence requests and accrual entitlement, as well as tracking PTO, sickness, and holiday leaves in the organization. It comes with useful HR reports, team calendars, and overviews, and provides employees easy access to their leave records. The second module accurately tracks and documents work time and attendance. It comes with an iBeacon linked to the mobile devices of employees that detect who are present in the office and clocks them in and clock out automatically. Reviewers gave their thumbs up and granted Calamari Leave the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award of FinancesOnline for all types of HR software. These marks of merit are given to select products that have hit it off with customers because of their rich features and robust capabilities.

We salute FinancesOnline for these recognition that validate Calamari Leave’s performance. The goal of our platform is to help businesses and organizations boost the productivity of their employees by simplifying attendance and leave management. The platform is easy to use, adaptable to any size of the workforce, and comes in budget-friendly pricing schemes, allowing you to pay only for features that you use. As a result of the awards and positive ratings, our software was pushed high in the ranks of the online directory.

We’re proud to announce that Calamari Leave is now among the leading HR software alternatives of FinancesOnline, joining other big players in the HR software market. We are constantly improving an already capable product and these latest distinctions push us to further develop it into one of the best tools to help companies efficiently manage their employees.

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