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Digital Virgo

Digital Virgo is a leading provider of mobile value added services in Poland. They create mobile apps & games from an idea to download. Digital Virgo has a technology enabling use of all available channels for communication with a final client like mobile app, SMS, MMS, WAP, IVR, WWW and full integration of these channels with mass-media or Internet. Wide range of mobile solutions and applications and creative team of employees makes their company able to meet the needs of clients.


All mobile activities: marketing, advertising, content, payments, connectivity, apps & games, push campaigns


Iwona Bilska, HR and Administrator Manager




51-200 employees




How we used to manage..

Our main problem was that all leave requests were submitted in a paper form. It was often that they didn’t even reach the personnel department, so there was no control over it neither the record in the system. It was very burdensome – loss of paper and everybody’s time.

In a need of change..

Before we bought any electronic system, we had tested few other solutions on the market and we chose the one that was the most appropriate for us. First English solution that we had was totally inadequate. It wasn’t fully adapted to our law, and what’s more I needed to wait quite a long time for the changes that I had asked for.

Expectations met..

Our company needed something better and that’s why we invested in Calamari. The software is fully adapted to our country’s policy and is far more intuitive. The configuration was effortless and the program itself is very simple. There is no need for any training. Having confidence in new technologies, I wasn’t even worried about employees not being able to handle it.


Having this system, I am able to supervise everything up to date. I believe that it reduced my time of working on requests at least about 30%. What’s more, the process of acceptance is now a bit longer – one supervisor, second one, and then personnel department.

When it comes to Calamari Clockin, the amount of latenesses considerably fell. Now everything is clear – what time everybody clocks in and clocks out and if they actually work the proper amount of time. It is good for the later assessment of employee. Moreover, thanks to Calamari, we allowed our employees a more flexible worktime, as well as remote working, which hadn’t been possible before.

It is an amazing solution, which is really convenient for us. Now, I cannot imagine working without this product!

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