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SHOWROOM is a curated marketplace fully focused on independent fashion operating in Poland and in Germany. They scout the most talented young fashion designers and offer them space to showcase and sell their products on-line. Since the launch, Showroom completely changed the landscape of independent fashion market in Central & Eastern Europe.


E-commerce, Fashion


Michał Juda, Founder in Showroom


Apparel & Fashion


11-50 employees




Michał Juda, Founder in Showroom

How we used to manage...

After some time, we became too big a company to still manage leaves in so many different places as we used to do (Excel files, emails or paper). To be honest, each company’s department had their own methods, so everybody did it differently.

In a need of change...

We wanted to change it and thus we chose Calamari. When it comes to the management of worktime, before we had just a separate place, where we kept data. So when Calamari introduced new module – Clockin, we approved that it would be even better to have all data about presences and absences in one place and that’s why we deployed it as well.

Expectations met...

Admittedly, I hadn’t checked any other solutions, cause after having tested Calamari, it seemed to be decent enough for us, so there was no point in looking further. The feature that I enjoyed from the beginning was the scope of integrations. Slack seems to be the most convenient for us – everybody uses it on a daily basis so with special command they can register their presence as well. The levels of privileges and processes of acceptance are quite fancy as well – you can supervise who has assess to what and who accepts specific requests.

What we also like is the fact that the team Calamari truly listens to us and many things that we proposed, they implemented.


Thanks to Calamari we have an order and cohesion of data in every department – everything is centralized. What’s more, formal remote type of work appeared with the deployment of Calamari. Besides, thanks to the mutual calendar, each employee well knows when coworkers are at work, when they work remotely or when they are on leave or on lunch, which is pretty awesome. Before there had been situations when people from one department didn’t know what is going on with other department. We have quite a big office, so we don’t always see everybody in live. Calamari solved this type of problems, and generally everybody praises the product.

Currently, we spend less and less time on managing absences, which increases the amount of time saved. The productivity has risen definitely. Thanks to better clarity, it is easier for employees to plan their meeting and any projects.

I would recommend Calamari especially in young enterprises, that are still struggling to cope with paperwork.

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