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SavingCloud is a company that monitors online FMCG market. They provide information about products and prices in e-grocery market to both individual and business clients. Currently, they offer three services: Kwit.pl (B2C), Kwit Analytics (B2B) and Kwit Local Store (B2B).


Wojciech Grześkowiak

CEO at Saving Cloud

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FMCG, E-commerce, E-grocery, Internet, Business Solutions, Customer Trends




Wojciech Grześkowiak, CEO at Saving Cloud


11-50 employees



How we used to manage…

In one company we have been using Calamari for two years now, and in the second one just for half a year. The situation was like this – we were a small company and at the time when the team was composed of the founders, there was no need to process the leave requests. With the first professional employee, there was a need to find a convenient way to control their time of work and the amount of leave accrued.

In a need of change…

Hubert and Kamil (co-founders) created a special tool for that and we decided to make use of it. We were fully aware that there were many different corporate combines on the market for this kind of thing, but it didn’t come into play at all. We were looking for something more practical.

Expectations met…

We bumped into Calamari and we are happy about it. This software is focused on one functionality and has a good ratio of price to quality. We have confidence in this product and we hope that it counts well.

Throughout the time of our cooperation, we haven’t actually encountered any issues. The only problem was with the question of defining the leaves and calendars for different employees – we contacted the team and they helped us immediately. Generally, when there are any questions, the answer is instant.


Calamari turned out to be a real time-saver, especially for the management. There is a big difference between paper and electronic form of request! With regards to regular employees – they received some kind of guarantee – that system like this exists and nobody will be treated unfairly.

Now we are able to check any time we want, when particular employee is present or when he takes a leave. It makes our project planning much easier.

Moreover, the thing that was definitely helpful from the beginning was the integration with Google Apps, from which we switched to Office 365 later on. Overall, the present possible integrations are certainly enough for us.

During the period of our cooperation, I believe that Calamari has progressed mainly in terms of the number of integrations and the way in which days of leaves are calculated according to the position.

Generally, as we go on, Calamari goes with us, still being able to meet our needs!

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