Calamari is a very simple and complex tool in one. Its advanced attendance management features are easy to use in companies of all sizes.

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Marta Tupaczewska

Head of HR & Administration

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Marta Tupaczewska, Head of HR & Administration


11 – 50 employees



How we used to manage…

Due to the industry which we work in, we try to minimize human work and the amount of unnecessary documentation using available technologies, and thanks to Calamari we partially succeeded. We chose Calamari because of the system’s flexibility, ability to adapt it exactly to your needs, simplicity in use and also intuitiveness and competitive price.

In a need of change…

AThe number of HR documents began to increase and because of that we had to devote more and more time to processing them. Due to the fact that we have an external accounting office, it happened sometimes that a request was lost, which later, e.g. when terminating the contract, resulted in an incorrect calculation of the equivalent or need to make corrections to remuneration. Today, this problem is gone, because the accounting office can also download the needed information in electronic form.

Expectations met…

Calamari was enthusiastically welcomed, mainly because everything can be done online using a mobile phone. A valuable asset that helped facilitate communication within an organization is the ability to view the calendar, which shows the absence of employees from a given department or, depending on the settings, the absence of the entire company, which allows you to plan and distribute team work long ahead. The implementation of Calamari significantly relieved me of typical personnel work: checking holidays status, watching over the flow of documentation related to the recording of working time or even issues related to reporting holidays on demand. Due to the fact that every employee has ongoing access to their applications, absences and hours worked, they can monitor their resources themselves. At the end of the month, just generate a report that contains all the information necessary to settle the month.


Calamari freed us from unnecessary documentation, saved time on settling orders, creating an attendance list and calculating overdue holidays. It also improved the work of overtime or delegations calculation.

We integrated Calamari with Slack and Outlook and it works very well. Thanks to this integration, we can see appearing information on the channel about who won’t be at work on given day, who works remotely and who has birthday.

Customer service is very important, as it’s really helpful and can help in every situation.

Thank you Calamari for saving our time and giving order in documentation. Keep it up!

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