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What is the online employee timesheet?

Online timesheet is a view in online time tracking software that will help your company to improve the process of work hours recording and prepare the digital input for payroll calculation. Thanks to it, you can not only control the employees’ working time online from any place on the globe but also automatically make work hours reports for all your teams. This feature improves time and attendance management in your organization and also saves your money and time spend on it.

What does the Calamari timesheet consist of?

Monitoring of employees work time

Timesheets allows you to see the daily, weekly, or monthly work records of a given employee, team, or whole organization. It is a very convenient way to quickly find out who is in the office and who works on which project. It is also easy to see which employees were late at work, how many hours they worked each day, week, or month, and when they had a break. It is also possible to see overtime and vacations of hourly and salaried employees.

Manual changes in employee work card

You can easily adjust the time record for a specific day of a given employee to correct the time of beginning and the end of a workday, breaks, and any other data. Calamari allows your employees to do this on their own. In this case, the only thing you have to do as a manager is to approve the changes.

You can get notified about the change to your email, Slack, or in mobile app to approve or reject changes. Managers can also adjust employees time record on behalf of another person. Administrator configures the access level for each manager in the configuration module.

Description of the workday

In the Calamari timesheet you can add a description of the workday of an employee. The description of the day provide managers with a detailed reports about what happened during the shift. It gives more detailed information about employees' time distribution during the day to better understand how they work and find any possible abnormalities about worked hours.

How to fill the timesheet?

To manually feel in the timesheet and add changes to the workday you just have to go to the "Timesheet" view and choose the day you want to add information to. The new window will open where you can add the beginning and the end of work hours, add a description of a day, additional breaks, and specify how much time you spent working on various projects.

The hours of starting and ending the time entry will be filled in automatically by the app when employees register their presence using one of the following solutions: web browser, mobile app, Calamari KIOSK app, Calamari Slack integration, or iBeacon technology.

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How do online timesheets work?

Online timesheets will help you improve information flow about employees' attendance and worked hours. Employees register detailed time record of their presence at work on a given day, the beginning and the end of their shifts, and other information which helps all people in your organization to always be up to date about who is at work and who is off.

Who is the Calamari timesheet for?

An online timesheet was created for growing, modern organizations which need immediate access to the online data about worked hours, breaks, and people’s presence, stored in the cloud. It can be used by:

  • volunteers and non-profit organizations – to help in workforce management and track jobs distribution between team members,
  • startups – for automation of all the processes related to attendance and absence management to help in saving time on collecting data from all team members,
  • small companies – when you feel your organization is big enough that you need a better, faster, and simpler way of collecting worked time data and creating reports,
  • medium and growing enterprises – to help the HR department by automating many time-consuming processes related to workers attendance and work time – save time for preparing the input for payroll by HR department,
  • IT teams – for better control over time spent working on various projects and job activities controlling the cost of workforce.

Saving time with easy employee time tracking software

Signing the paper version of the attendance list every day can be time-consuming and troublesome. Thanks to Calamari Clock In and clock out system you can generate an online attendance list that will save the time. With our online time tracker, you can easily clock in within a few seconds using different methods of checking in.

By using Calamari timesheet app, remote employees can also track their attendance by smartphones and a manager will see the GPS location of the place where the employee time clock started running. To see the map with location, all you need to do is to click on the specific day for a given employee. If they use their smartphones to start the shift, the location data will be available. Every clock in and out is registered in the app and will be automatically added to the online timesheet.

Additionally, if you use modern iBeacon technology implemented in Calamari when your employees show up in the office, it will be registered by time tracking mobile app automatically. Thanks to this solution, your employees will never forget to clock in and out from work.

Timesheet calculator with lunch breaks

Using a time clock calculator to add breaks to an employee's online timesheet will give you even more information about the employees' timesheet schedule and their worked hours. You can control how much time your subordinates spend on breaks to better optimize the organization's workflow.

Improve the irregularities detecting in work hours management. Thanks to our timesheet calculator with touchless breaks recording using KIOSK terminal you will get the most accurate data and will easily create the necessary reports based on information collected in the time clock calculator. Detecting lateness and unplanned absences easier than ever!

Timesheets report

Everyone in HR, team, and payroll management in the modern organization knows how important it is to carefully calculate and store employees' time records.

The online timesheet is a functional report which helps you save time and facilitate the everyday work of the HR department. Employee's work timesheet is created based on online clock ins and clock outs. The administrator is allowed to conveniently manage the availability of the online timesheet for their managers so only the authorized people can see those reports.

The electronic timesheet is automatically created in the Calamari and allows you to verify the actual number of worked hours in relation to the employees' online time tracker. Thanks to this solution, it is easy to check which employees are entitled to overtime and which of them did not realize the defined work hour schedule.

Every manager can see the current attendance list and archived data of employees in a time tracking application. By using filters, Calamari allows you to easily choose the selected employee or time range to check.

Mobile time management

Thanks to the Calamari mobile app it is possible to get access to the data of employees from every place at any time. This solution is not only very convenient for your subordinates but also for managers and people responsible for creating the reports. No matter if they are in the office, at home on at the bus – they can still properly do their job in managing employees' attendance.

Work efficiency and eco-friendly solution

By choosing Calamari, you not only optimize your work, but you can also take care of the environment. Give up on printable timesheets to help the Earth! Thanks to eliminating paper timesheets, your employee attendance tracking will be simple, transparent, and modern.

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