Calamari integration with Microsoft 365

Calamari is a Leave management system and clock in/out system. It helps you automate HR management. Integration with Microsoft 365 (dasboard, MS Teams & Outlook) makes time-off planning and attendance tracking simple and pleasant.

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Parker Ramsdell VP, People, Mission & Culture at Brightspot
In the 2+ years our company has used Calamari, we have heard nothing but positive feedback from employees and managers.

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See all leave calendar in Outlook

Forget about adding manually time off and other types absences into your Microsoft Calendar. With our integration, all leave requests (both accepted and pending) will be visible in your Outlook and MS Calendar thanks to iCal subsciption.

Easily import users and company’s holidays

Import users from Microsoft 365 pople directory into Calamari with just a few clicks. Employee onboarding process becomes much faster now.

It is also extremely easy to export a company’s holidays from Calamari to MS Outlook Calendar.

Time off preview in Outlook Calendar

Leave requests and employee absences can be synchronized and viewed in Microsoft Calendars. Rather than manually moving data, you can automate it.

Configure access leavel to data

In Calamari, you can choose what to show in the calendar subscription and which leave types should remain hidden. Keep the calendar 100% aligned with your leave policy.

Quick user import

Select employees from your Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) user directory list and import their accounts directly into Calamari.

Sign in with Microsoft 365

Sign in to Calamari with your Microsoft 365 account using SSO – it’s secure way to centralize accesses.

Get ready for efficiency

Use Microsoft 365 to manage time off and track time.

  • Easy & quick setup
  • No tech skills needed
  • Support from day one

No card required. Trial ends automatically.

  • Easy & quick setup
  • No tech skills needed
  • Support from day one

Easy setup

  1. Sign up for a free trial or sign in to Calamari as an admin
  2. Go to the configuration panel, and scroll to the integration list and find Microsoft 365. Then click “Turn on integration”
  3. Turn on integration from Microsoft 365 side – watch step by step tutorial on the right.

Enable integration with just one click and keep your HR data synchronized automatically:

  • Single sign-in
  • Instant notifications
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Quick employee account onboarding
  • Manage through your apps