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    Sergio Legrant

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We are a glocal physiotherapy network. We aim to help patients to quickly start their treatments. We aim to help physiotherapists to easily start their practices. We believe that everyone is entitled to world class and patient-oriented physiotherapy care. Our physiotherapists strive to provide our patients immediate pain relief and sustainable treatment outcomes by combining manual therapy and natural movement therapy.

2How we used to manage...

Our main problem was that all leave requests were submitted in a paper form. It was often that they didn’t even reach the personnel department, so there was no control over it neither the record in the system. It was very burdensome – loss of paper and everybody’s time.

3In a need of change...

Before we bought any electronic system, we had tested few other solutions on the market and we chose the one that was the most appropriate for us. First English solution that we had was totally inadequate. It wasn’t fully adapted to our law, and what’s more I had to wait quite a long time for the changes that I had asked for.

4Expectations met...

The implementation of Calamari solved ALL our time management problems. And ALL employees and managers are very HAPPY with it. Employees had 0 problems with Calamari. The most difficult thing was to educate them to find the Google Sign-in button. Calamari is very intuitive to use. Calamari has greatly reduced the number of “Leave request” emails going back and forward. What a relief! On top Calamari has eliminated misunderstandings regarding entitlements and allowance calculations. Everything is clear and transparent for employees and managers. We’ve gained some time back and reduced everyone’s frustration with our previous time management spreadsheet based solution. Calamari fosters the transparency and openness of time management in our organization. Employees and managers love the “My entitlements”. The team calendar allows employees to self-organize their vacations while ensuring uninterrupted service. The HR admin loves the “Entitlement changes” tab because it allows him to review the complex entitlement calculations performed by Calamari. Google Apps integration was a must have for our organization because it makes the sign-in process a seamless experience for our employees and managers.


Calamari is a time saver time management kick-ass application. Whenever the opportunity arises, I recommend Calamari to friends and colleagues who run startups and small to medium enterprises. In such environments, time spent on customer focusing activities is critical for the success. You don’t want to waste everyone’s precious time with HR admin stuff. That’s why you should invest in a seamless time and leave management experience which Calamari is able to offer.

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