Calamari has become our source of truth about holidays and absences.


1About us


Ideamotive is a marketplace that allows companies to find proven talents and product teams matched to their industry, technology, and organizational culture.

2How we used to manage...

We are a tech company. We like to automate things. We're looking for solutions that will make our everyday life easier. That's why we've decided to find a solution for absence management. It's a common issue to cover in every company, so we expected to find an online solution. At Ideamotive we don't have an absences acceptance policy. Everyone of us takes a time off, when we need it, considering our duties and obligations to other team members. We needed a solution that would allow us to inform and track absences in the team on an ongoing basis. As we have an upper limit of days off per year, we would like each employee to be able to keep track of their vacation status.

3In a need of change...

We've looked for a proper tool using standard Google search. Calamari was one of the top results. We have conducted a lot of research for leave management tools. Calamari has all the functions we need, and at the same time, it has attractive pricing. The onboarding process is very intuitive and simple. Using the tool poses no problems. We also found out that many companies similar to ours use Calamari, which made our choice certain.

4Expectations met...

We implemented Calamari a few years ago, so most of our current employees needed to discover it. The reactions were always positive. Onboarding is going smoothly. We don't need to explain the details of using Calamari. The interface is so intuitive that everyone can understand how it works on their own. Employees use Calamari intuitively. The tool has practically no barrier to entry. It has been with us for quite a long time and has become a standard. Reporting a leave via Calamari is one of our work hygiene in the remote environment. The most important is the fact we all agree on that and keeping order. Calamari is a tool that appears exactly when you need it - when planning time-off and visualizing absences. It also reminds us who, when, and how long are on vacation. It just solves our problems. It does exactly what it was designed to, and it does it well.


The whole company benefited from the implementation of Calamari, especially since we decided to go completely remote at the beginning of the pandemic. Thanks to this tool, we can manage leaves in an unattended manner, which in itself is a great value.

We use 2 integrations. Integration with Slack allows us to turn on everyday reminders about current absences, and once a week about absences planned for a given week. Thanks to the integration with the Google ecosystem, we have a preview of planned absences in calendars, and employees can log in with their Calamari employees' accounts.

Calamari does exactly what it was designed to, and it does it well.

Robert Krajewski, CEO of Ideamotive

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