Allied Trucking of Florida

Calamari is a very user-friendly, flexible, and efficient PTO admin software with the best team that is always there for us to find solutions to all our requests.


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    Jeta Krasnkji, HR Manager

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    51-100 employees

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Allied Trucking of Florida is one of the biggest trucking groups in Florida focusing on supplying materials. The company offers specialized aggregate hauling and competitive prices well known in the whole country.

2How we used to manage...

The company didn't have software that would deal with absence and attendance management.

3In a need of change...

We needed software that allows having all our 5 legal entities in one software and offering transparency in checking the PTO for all our employees in one calendar. Also easy and user-friendly requests of PTOs.

4Expectations met...

We've looked online and Calamari offered the best price for the services the company needed. It's very easy to use and user-friendly and affordable.

How is it different from other tools? Fast reports and you can report days as days and not hours.

Our employees embraced this change and loved it since it brought them easy access to request PTO as well as keep records and see when others are on PTO. They get used to Calamari right away!

Calamari solved our company's problems 100%.


What we love the most is the user-friendly interface, the possibility to report absences in days, and the absence calendar. Calamari Office 365 integration reduced double work and errors thanks to the information synchronization.

Calamari solved our company's problems 100%.

Jeta Krasnkji, HR Manager at Allied Trucking of Florida

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