Work with Me – download a free template and create a manual for yourself

The Manual of Me is an incredibly useful tool. It makes your colleagues can get to know you faster. Work with Me improves team communication and helps avoid misunderstandings.

It's also an excellent self-reflection tool to help you understand your way of working, values, and motivations. Read our substantive article about Work with Me and find out how it can improve your work and read the summary of our LinkedIn Audio meeting to find out how you can use such a manual.

We know how much you can benefit from this solution, and we believe that everyone should create their own manual, which is why we prepared the Work with Me template for you containing all the questions that we have included in Work with Me in Calamari Core HR, which we strongly encourage you to test.

You can copy and edit the template according to your needs. You can also share it with other people.

template-work-with-me template-work-with-me

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