HR Tech Deals for Black Friday 2022

Brace yourself! Holiday season is coming, and we decided to collect the best Black Friday HR Tech Deals to help you find the best solution out there to save money 💸

If you want to put your organization on a higher level, don’t hesitate to check out those Human Resources Softwares, which will help you with Applicant Tracking (ATS), Employee Onboarding, Leave Management, Attendance Tracking, Employees Documents, Benefits Management, Payroll Management or something different, related to HR.

We’re sure you will find what you need from this Black Friday & Cyber Monday HR Tech Deals list! Remember - those are only available for a limited time so remember to grab them while you can.

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Scale your team, and leave Human Resources to us.

We'll handle Leave Management, Attendance Tracking, and HR Documents so your team can focus on what they do best. Easy to use, quick to implement, and perfect for remote and distributed teams.

We facilitate employees' daily work and improve productivity through multiple integrations with standard office solutions such as Slack and Google Workspace. Our app also allows for planning and tracking absences and attendance through its website, mobile app, QR codes, and iBeacons.

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: 30% discount for 1st payment (monthly/annual) for new clients

How to get it: Write an email to

Duration: November 25th – December 2nd


eRecruiter is the most frequently used recruitment platform in Poland. We are proud to support 1,800 customers who use our solutions in their daily work for multi-channel recruitment, online collaboration with the business, recruitment compliant with the GDPR, candidate experience, recruitment reporting, and as a HR Marketplace.

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: 3 months free for new Clients

How to get it: Visit:

Duration: November 18th - December 9th


Mindgram is a platform that offers a holistic solution providing employees and their relatives with psychological and self-development support via dozens of live and on-demand group workshops on physical, psychological, professional, financial and social well-being. For more advanced help we provide access to psychotherapy & Clinical Team chat. It is available as both a mobile and a desktop application in three language versions – English, Spanish and Polish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mindgram helps companies to boost workforce transformation & optimize business efficiency by providing their employees with access to mental health and wellbeing solutions.

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: Companies with over 100 employees - free 3 months access to Mindgram, if they decide to implement Mindgram by the end 2022.

How to get it: Fill in the form via the link and we will contact you to discuss all details and secure your 3 months free access.

Duration: November 1st - December 31st


ELEVATO is a recruitment system valued for its reliability, supporting the work of recruiters in HR teams and recruitment agencies. Our ATS enables comprehensive management of the recruitment process in 3 dimensions:

  • Automation in the field of jobs publication, email / SMS communication with candidates and management of GDPR consents,
  • Analytics, i.e. extensive recruitment efficiency reports,
  • Communication, i.e. improving the flow of information between recruiters and hiring managers.

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: 50% off any plan for 3 months for new clients

How to get it: Contact us and say the magic word: "Abrakadabra"

Duration: November 21st - December 4th


TRAFFIT is a recruitment CRM - Customer Relationship Management tool, which helps recruiters in posting job offers, manage candidates, send them personalized messages, and arrange meetings with the most suitable ones, and much more.

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: 50% off for 3 months

How to get it: Create free account and buy the product

Duration: November 21st - November 28th

Competence Game

Competence Game is an online ACDC tool that enables you to reliably assess key skills by means of an engaging game. We have currently two games and we cover diagnosis of 17 skills in 5 areas: Goal orientation, Systems thinking, Client orientation, Taking responsibility, Cooperation.

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: 50% discount for up to 30 licences

How to get it: Using the promo code BLACKFRIDAYCG

Duration: November 29th - December 5th

Values Poker

Values Poker is a coaching cards deck, that lets organizations, managers and HR teams define values.

Cards Values Poker are a unique tool that makes it easier to work on team, individual and organizational values. Along with a rich set of exercises is the ideal support in everyday work for HR teams, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Trainers, and Coaches.

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: ENG+PL: 359PLN (instead of 439PLN) ENG: 259PLN (instead of 259PLN) PL: 169PLN (instead of 169PLN)

How to get it: Contact (the promotion does not have any code)

Duration: November 29th - December 7th


A platform for employee engagement research via surveys, thanks to which you will assess team engagement, identify areas for improvement, develop an action plan and verify the effectiveness of activities. The engagement research is fully automated. Check how our technology can support building engagement in your organization

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: 50% discount on Enpulse implementation package

How to get it: Visit

Duration: November 25th - December 23th


Workai is an intranet platform for IC and HR teams. The Workai platform is so much more than just an intranet, it includes an employee mobile app, knowledge base, internal social network, forms, and an analytics module. Workai is easy to use and quick to implement. It's the first cloud-based intranet platform.

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: 25 users for free for a year or a 20% discount for a year

How to get it: Fill out the form

Duration: until November 30th

Other tools that might be usefull in HR:


Brand24 is a social listening tool that can be used for employer branding. To keep everyone at your company in good spirits, it is good to show that your brand has a strong position in the market. You can use Brand24 to manage all internet mentions, along with reports and statistics, and showcase them in internal communications. Your colleagues can receive e-mail notifications whenever your brand is mentioned in a positive context.

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: 50% off for any plan for 3 months. The discount applies only to new customers.

How to get it: The price will be automatically reduced on the pricing page:

Duration: until November 25th


nTask is an excellent project management software focused on simplicity, user experience, and breadth of features. It is used by more than 350,000+ teams in all kinds of industries and sectors. It is designed to fit perfectly into remote, hybrid, and on-site work environments enabling teams to work cohesively and always remain in sync on projects, tasks, risks, issues, and time management.

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: 40% OFF on all the Premium annual, and Business annual plans

How to get it: Use promo code: BFCM2022 on the checkout on

Duration: November 25th - November 28th


At a glance, Chisel helps you align your team's priorities on what to develop. It also allows you to focus on the right tasks and create compelling roadmaps before you know it. As a member of an agile software development team, Chisel is the tool you may use to maintain product transparency across the organization, involve everyone in decision-making, and ensure that you meet our sprints and deadlines.

Chisel is your one-stop shop for everything you need, from ensuring everyone on the team is on the same page and letting everyone feel acknowledged to help you craft the ultimate products.

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: Flat 20% off on the premium version plan

How to get it: Use the promo code RoadmapHeroes. For the deal visit : -

Duration: November 1st - January 31th


Breadnbeyond is an award-winning explainer video company specializing in producing animated explainer videos. We create engaging animated explainer videos that help you introduce your brand, product, or service to the world – all from scratch, no template.

Black Friday HR Tech Deal: Up to 40% OFF for an ultimate explainer video

How to get it: Fill out the form on:

Duration: November 24th - December 5th

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