Employees' productivity is a combination of wellbeing, behavior, and engagement in their responsibilities. How to create a good work atmosphere for your subordinates? Find out the biggest office distr
A common-sense sees an optimization as collecting some minimal improvements to deliver outstanding results. But what if a sixty-fold or even three hundred-fold payroll cost reduction was possible righ
So we are talking about the time tracking as an employee or corporate benefit? It sounds like insanity, but in fact, there is a brilliance in this idea. Time tracking can be associated with the micr
Good software with great integration can have a huge impact on information flow and work efficiency in all kinds of organizations. Well optimized connection between tools used in the company makes eve
Managers are afraid that remote workers will overwork themselves while not being as effective as in the office. A transparent culture is the best answer to this challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic was a
Leave management is one of the key responsibilities of the HR department. Lack of it or an ineffective leave management process can have disastrous consequences. With employees’ skills and knowledge
Improving work performance is an easy way to save money and increase productivity without a need of making big changes in the organization. Using an automated time tracker can help startups, small com
An unscheduled leave can be a dwelling killer of a company's performance. Digital leave management system (or a time off manager) is the most convenient and reliable way the HR department can tackle t
Team building is an important part of taking care of the atmosphere in the organization. As research shows, companies and startups which regularly conduct team-building meetings have seen an increase
With the sudden popularity of remote work (significantly boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic) companies faced a new challenge – building and retaining the team spirit among people working in their pajama
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