In the classic industrial paradigm, taking a break from work was a necessary evil rather than a key component of keeping the employee productive. With the modern approach and a slide toward creative a
In times when the coronavirus pandemic is still going on many companies and startups decide to go back to the offices. It is the result of the nature of the organization and to the psychological comfo
After a few months of remote working due to a coronavirus pandemic, it is time to return to the offices. Companies need to adapt workspaces to safety requirements. How to prepare employees for returni
Arriving a few minutes late appears to be harmless, especially if the reason justifies it. Yet a regular skipping a first quarter of morning work can bring harsh consequences for business, that reach
There are few activities a company can engage in that are more important than team building. While each individual in a company is responsible for his or her own work and productivity at the end of th
Public holidays are usually to honor important historical dates or the religious traditions of specific countries. But sometimes the reasons behind them can be quite surprising for non-citizens! Which
We all do receive a lot of emails. Too many emails. If you are a type of HR manager who likes to keep the inbox out of any unnecessary messages, you should give a try to Calamari Slack module. It lets
In an ideal world, you’d get the best out of every employee on a daily basis. Fortunately, you can! Well, just about, anyway. The secret lies in your ability to keep employees engaged. While it’s norm
We published a post about the pros and cons of unlimited Time Off based on our customers' experience. In this article, we would like to present 5 tips for the successful implementation of unlimited PT
Nowadays, companies no longer have as much time to deal with the operation of the paper system. Managers need immediate access to reports, preferably in real-time. They also want to have access to inf
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