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Unified menu

We are working on improvements in your daily interaction with Calamari - after months of research we've decided to unify the modules menu. From now on, you will be able to see all the features of Calamari Leave and Calamari Clock In on the left side of the web page to make Calamari even more intuitive.


Brand new menu

Calamari menu was divided into two separated views: the Leave Management module menu and Clock In module menu with a separated configuration and reports. We've noticed that switching between modules to set everything up takes some time and we wanted to shorten it. That's why we decided to unify those menus into one to make using Calamari even faster than before. Since all the options are on the same menu now, you can start over the tutorial to discover all new functions and its places on your own. When owning one module, you will only see the exact section but if some part of your company is also using the 2nd module, all employees will see the menu of both modules. Please note that the agreed restrictions for the usage of only one module for certain employees should remain the same.

More intuitive navigation

As from now on two menus are combined into one the navigating through the menu also changed. On the main menu you can now find the Attendance and Leave management functions in separated sections and Reports and Configuration of the whole app in the 3rd section.

Everything in one place

Thanks to this new solution managing Calamari becomes ever easier than before. You can set everything up for a given employee from the same menu and you can manage employees and their leave and attendance reports in the same place. That means less clicks and more work done. Your HR specialists can now save even more time on managing employees with Calamari than before.

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