Slack integration

The coffee-break icon on Slack

Calamari breaks on Slack are here! When you start a break in Calamari, your Slack status will be automatically updated with a coffee icon. From now on your employees will always know who's on break!

Convenient way to say you're on break

Thanks to the new feature in Calamari Slack integration from now on you can set your status on Slack using the break button in Calamari. When you stop your break, the icon disappears. It's a fast way to let others know you're not working right now, especially for those who forgot to set their breaks on their own.


Better time management

Thanks to the new feature, employees can better manage their time, knowing they won't get the answer from someone who's on a break. It's also a great way to take care of employees' well-being. When they're on a break, it's good not to write to them, so they can eat and relax. Thanks to the coffee break, everyone knows when someone needs some calm.

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