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Substitute in Slacks notifications

We've added information about the employee's substitute to the notifications of upcoming absences for Slack. From now on, everyone in the company will know who's replacing an absent employee!

The new functionality for Slack integration allows setting up notifications about upcoming absences to also display the substitute for a given employee. It makes planning a workday even easier for your employees!


More info in one place

Sometimes an employee is absent and their duties need to be taken care of urgently. In such a situation, you should contact the person who's replacing an absent employee. But... who is this person?

When reporting absences in Calamari, in addition to the date range, reason of absence, comment to the request, and possibility to attach the file, it's now possible to add a person who will be a substitute for the time a given employee won't be at work. It's possible to see the substitute in the absence calendar but it requires additional time.

That is why we decided to save our customers; time and added information about the substitute to the cyclical notifications that can be set on the selected Slack channel.

Check out who's the substitute!

Thanks to the new functionality, employees can easily find out who they can turn to when the given employee that's usually responsible for those duties isn't working.

You can set the channel to display the upcoming absences and the frequency of their display. Thanks to this solution, your employees will always be up to date on their colleagues' availability.

What you gain?

Thanks to this feature, employees immediately know who won't be at work and who's replacing them during this time. This additional line of information can save a lot of time and helps employees plan their workweek. They not only don't have to search for a substitute on their own. Knowing about the substitution earlier helps planning the time so the substitute can be able to work on their own projects and on the tasks of their absent colleagues.

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