Time off management

Overlapping absence requests

We've added a new view to our absence calendar and leave request acceptance with information about how many people are absent at the same time. Thanks to this new feature, the process of planning and accepting leave requests will be much easier and take less time both for managers and employees.


Help with processing vacation requests

The role of a manager isn't the easiest one, especially when it comes to work and absence management. Making informed decisions about vacation requests and work planning can only be successful if they're based on important data like project deadlines and employees' availability throughout the project realization time. To help companies leave management in an optimal, strategic way, we've created this new view that will make managers work much easier. They can check who'll be available at a given, how many people will be unavailable, and what teams they're from so they can make the best decision. Thanks to the overlapping absence requests managers can see all the information in one place thanks to which they save time.

Check who'll be absent

The flyout menu of the overlapping absence requests can be shown on the leave management view and the absence calendar view during requesting a leave day. In the new view, it's possible to see how many people will be absent on a given day and which team they're from. During requesting leave, the employee can see one of three types of bars for every day they request an absence:

  • gray - meaning that no one will be absent this day,
  • yellow - meaning that the percentage of absent people is between 1% and 70% (depending on the bar's height),
  • red - meaning that the percentage of absent people is between 71% and 100%.


    Absence management optimization

    Thanks to the new view the time needed to check the absent employees and manage the leave requests takes much less time. A clear view and intuitively presented data facilitate planning both for managers taking care of their teams, as well as for employees who want to plan their days off.

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