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News and improvements in Calamari in 2017

Q4 2017

  • Max accrual configuration - "accrual cap"
  • Public holiday calendar view improvements
  • Photos in employee profile
  • New public API methods
  • Improvements in the approval flow configuration

Q3 2017

  • Possibility to configure auto start/stop a break in Clockin
  • Notification about working schedule (clock in / out reminders)
  • Global server infrastructure improvements
  • Daily and weekly "who is off" email notification
  • Daily and weekly "who is off" slack notification
  • "Who's late" mobile, Slack and email notification
  • Attendance report in Leave module

Q2 2017

  • New design of Android app
  • Calamari translated to German
  • Possibility to add attachments
  • Configuration of absence type colours on the calendar
  • Slack - international date and time format support in all slack commands
  • Undefined absence type
  • Timesheet screen improvements
  • iCal attachments to email notifications
  • Employee birthdays on calendar

Q1 2017

  • Clock in with iOS app and GPS tracking
  • Basecamp integration (log in with Basecamp)
  • Security improvements
  • New methods in Calamari API
  • Improvements in reports - employee number in Excel export, new date picker
  • Possibility to restrict the accrual rule to contract type
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