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Calamari new features and developement in 2016

Q4 2016

  • Restrictions on the calendar view (admin can set the visibility of requests in each absence type)
  • Special absence type for "remote work" which will allow you to see remote work in Clockin reports
  • New design of mobile iOS app
  • Fixes of rounding in entitlement accrual engine
  • New billing tab - with info about subscription status
  • New Payroll report, and more details in Request report
  • PDFs of absence requests available to download for all absence statuses (not only for approved requests)
  • Sign in with Asana
  • New design of Calamari Clockin including timesheets for employees and new week view
  • Requesting a change of the clockin shift with the manager approval
  • Team Manager in approval flow
  • Sorting on the approval screen and creation date
  • Ability to add direct manager (reporting to) and team manager in approval flow
  • Creation date field on the list of requests for the approval

Q3 2016

  • Restrictions on the calendar view
  • Monthly based pro rata of entitlement
  • Different approval flows for each absence type
  • Employees can request changes to their timesheets
  • Slack interactive buttons for approval and rejection of requests directly from Slack
  • JIRA Cloud integration (single sign on)
  • New Slack commands - read more
  • Improvements in processing of different time formats
  • Modern e-mail templates

Q2 2016

  • New Calamari Slack commands - requesting with reason and comments
  • Custom colors and half days in Google Calendar
  • iCal extended configuration
  • Office 365 integration, SSO
  • Importing employees from AzureAD
  • PayLane as a credit card provider
  • iPhone / Android app improvements
  • Calamari Security compliance improvements

Q1 2016

  • iCal integration basics
  • Auto approval in acceptance flow
  • Custom colours in your organization's calendar
  • Half day holidays
  • New Slack commands - start break and presence
  • Comments on apply screen
  • Configurable substitute field
  • Sign in with Slack
  • Spanish language
  • Clockin and Toggl integration
  • Earning leave based on Calamari Clockin
  • Roles Manager, Admin (learn more)
  • Role based security configuration
  • Managers can request leaves on behalf on their employees in case of unplanned absence
  • Managers can check team's entitlement
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