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Calamari development in 2019

Q4 2019

  • New design "my requests" tab
  • New design of "approval process" tab
  • New design of "for approval" screen (Calamari Leave)
  • Redesigned "presence" tab (Calamari Clockin)
  • Real-time slack notifications about clock in/out
  • Notifications about upcoming public holidays

Q3 2019

  • Terminals can be assigned to teams
  • Sticky headers in all reports
  • New abnormality report
  • Substitute in slack commands
  • Dynamic QR codes in mobile app
  • Details of time off and timesheet change requests in mobile apps
  • Initial configuration of absence types for Poland and Singapore
  • Slack integration improvements (daily/weekly notifications)
  • API improvements (working week)

Q2 2019

  • Public API improvements (contrac types, create employee, list employees, list teams)
  • Web app re-desing
  • New configuration of iCal feed
  • Map scroll in Timesheet
  • Platform migration from Onesignal to Firebase (mobile notifications)

Q1 2019

  • Configuration of auto clock out
  • New design of Calamari mobile apps (iOS, Android)
  • Breaks restricted to teams
  • Substitute in requests report
  • Employee IP in activity report
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