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Last update: 2017-01-15

We are excited to share with you, our roadmap highlights over the coming months. It is the roots of Calamari Leave and Clockin’s system. Please notice that it can change regarding new challenges we would have to face.

In progress...

  • Daily and weekly "who is off" notification
  • Sorting and filtering in our table views (you will be able to choose the column to sort by)
  • New design of Android app


  • Notification about working schedule
  • Overtime requesting and tracking
  • Possibility to define AM/PM and hours in request
  • Flexible working week, possibility to change working week starting from the chosen moment
  • Flexible location configuration
  • Improvements in Calamari <-> Jira integration
  • Improvements in Slack integration
  • Android terminal with PIN auth
  • Max accrual configuration - "accrual cup"
  • Tracking time on job codes in Calamari Clockin


Q1 2017

  • Clock in with the iOS app and GPS tracking
  • Basecamp integration (log in with Basecamp)

Q4 2016

  • Restrictions on the calendar view (admin can set the visibility of requests in each absence type)
  • Special absence type for the "remote work" which will allow you to see remote work in the Clockin reports
  • New design of mobile iOS app
  • Fixes of rounding in entitlement accrual engine
  • New billing tab - with info about subscription status
  • New Payroll report, and more details in Request report
  • PDFs of absence requests available to download for all absence statuses (not only for approved requests)
  • Sing in with Asana
  • New design of Calamari Clockin including timesheets for employees, new week view
  • Requesting a change of the clockin shift with the manager approval
  • Team Manager in approval flow
  • Sorting on the approval screen and creation date
  • Ability to add direct manager(reporting to) and team manager in approval flow
  • Creation date field on the list of requests for the approval

Q3 2016

  • Restrictions on the calendar view
  • Monthly based pro rata of entitlement
  • Different approval flows for each absence type
  • Employees can request changes to their timesheets
  • Slack interactive buttons for approval and reject requests directly from Slack
  • JIRA Cloud integration (single sign on)
  • New Slack commands - read more
  • Improvements in processing different time formats
  • Modern e-mail templates

Q2 2016

  • New Calamari Slack commands - requesting with reason and comments
  • Custom colors and half days in Google Calendar
  • iCal extended configuration
  • Office 365 integration, SSO
  • Import employees from AzureAD
  • PayLane as a credit card provider
  • iPhone / Android app improvements
  • Calamari Security compliance improvements

Q1 2016

  • iCal integration basics
  • Auto approval in acceptance flow
  • Custom colours in your organization calendar
  • Half days holidays
  • New Slack commands “start break” and “presence”
  • Comments on apply screen
  • Configurable substitute field
  • Sign in with Slack
  • Spanish language
  • Clockin and Toggl integration
  • Earning leave based on Calamari Clockin
  • Roles Manager, Admin (learn more)
  • Role based security configuration
  • Managers can request laves on behalf on their employee, in case of unplanned absence
  • Managers can check team’s entitlement

Q4 2015

  • Auto integration Google Apps users (without import)
  • Breaks can be manually programmed
  • Calendar year quarterly on the accrual period
  • New login page with specified “client id”
  • Clockin API methods clock in / clock out
  • Part days request import
  • Turn on/off email, slack notifications
  • Quarter accrual period
  • Slack integration (messages in Slack)
  • Request leave via Slack command
  • Clock in via Slack command
  • Future entitlement estimation
  • Open API for Clockin
  • Bank holidays with a Google calendar synchronisation
  • Redesigned adjust entitlement


  • rule based accrual entitlement model
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