Leave management for Google Apps

Calamari Leave Management system is fully integrated with Google Apps for Work. Employees absences are automatically visible on Google Calendar. No need to switch data between Calamari and Google.
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A single Sign-On

Manage your team by synchronizing them with Google Apps – you do not need to remember any additional login or passwords. Just log in to Calamari by using your Google Account. It is safe and simple.

The integration with Google Calendar

Absence requests and employee leaves can be visible in Google Calendars. You do not have to waste your time by manually moving data. Everything is configurable at 100% and will simplify your life!

Import users from Google Apps

The initial configuration’s process in Calamari can takes few minutes. After you will be able to select employees already present in your Google Apps.

Calamari Leave and Google integration

Always available

How to open Calamari? Calamari is always available! Employees can find the software in Google Apps, Work top menu.

A multidomain support

The Calamari Leave Management system, is synchronizing users from more than one domain that are hosted by Google Apps.

Holidays import

You can import your holidays’ list by just one click from Google Calendars. You do not need to manually add your national holidays anymore – You can directly find it with Google.

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